24+ Professional Certificate Templates for MS Word

The certificate is an official document that is received due to the accomplishment of some task. It is the document stating that above all particular facts are true. It is awarded due to some skill or the progression of the person in a particular field. It is attested by some authorized personnel to show its originality and importance.

A certificate looks attractive when hung on the wall, table, and notice boards. The main objective is to provide that type of certificate that suits your wall or the place where you want to hang it. Certificates are made up of a special type of unique material that adds beauty to your surroundings. We are highly unique in providing that type of certificate that is known for its dynamic appearance and serves the interest of the people. The distinctiveness of the certificate makes it unique among all. Our designs of certificates are colossal that are attracted by the eye of the viewer. It usually contains the appreciation lines showing some gratitude and love to the holder. We focus to provide that type of certificate that is up to the mark and grabs the consideration of the people. Designs of the certificate vary in different varieties to show it exclusive among others. It enhances the beauty of the place where it is present. 

Table of Contents

Uses & Types of Certificates

Certificates are helpful to make people feel that their work is treasured. It shows approval and gratitude for the person’s good job and makes him aware that the good work will always be rewarded. It also shows the local person to become well-aware of the current outstanding accomplishment. It is just a piece of the piece, but it’s worth can never be beaten by any amount. Certificates give the individual opportunity to visibly demonstrate their efforts, skills, and initiative they have obtained. The person with certificates and awards is being considered strong in the race of job selection. It helps you to take a smarter approach to your profession, helps you move faster, and helps in making your personal recognition among others either in the professional field on in the international worldwide rankings. It is given in the grateful recognition for your brilliant commitment to the excellent services of the person. In regard to some innovative ideas of the person, the certificate is being given to encourage his excellence. People desired to keep our certificates because of their appealing design and glowing look. 

Academic Certificates

These certificates are usually given in account of some excellence of the student or the achievement all-over the institute. The achievement may be academic or extra-curricular activities. Academic certificates contain the proper record of the student in its academia. Due to congested space, all of the information can’t be put down but it contains all the superior information which is needed for the individual in the future. We tend to provide academic certificates on time with an adequate price.

#1 – Academic Diploma Certificate

An Academic Diploma certificate is received by a person who gets an education in a specific field and after completing their education they certify with an academic diploma certificate. This document proves that a person has received education in any particular topic and after completing the course this certificate is issued by the institution to that person. The academic diploma certificate is also used as an alternative for any degree as diplomas are short courses provided by different renowned educational intuitions. Academic diplomas are less expensive than other degree programs. These certificates prove that the recipient has brilliantly completed his course. Degree programs admission offered to the students yearly whereas diplomas admissions are opened twice a year. Diploma certificates are typically more intensive and detailed because diplomas focused on specific skills or fields. Diplomas are without education course work provided in universities required to complete a degree but they are short-term courses which ended in a year or maybe in two years. 

Watch the video below to see how you can modify or design this certificate by yourself in MS Word.

#2 – Appreciation Certificate for Student

It is a unique official document that is issued by schools or other learning institutions to show gratitude for a stellar performance or a job well done. This appreciation certificate can be given to a student for their outstanding performance in schools or other institutions. It helps to encourage the students to keep up with their performance in the future academic years as well. The students who are not well in their studies when they look at this type of appreciation will be motivated too.  This certificate is used to motivate our students. This certificate is used to appreciate the students for their best performance.


Following are the requirements to make a certificate:

  • The certificate should look formal.
  • The name of the person who is been appreciated should be mentioned clearly.
  • Use polite words.
  • Use the words by which they should feel motivated.
  • Mentioned the task or work done by him/her in bold letters. For example, best homework, best tests or any other activity which should be appreciated.

You can download this Certificate of Appreciation from the link below. You can also watch a video on the making of this certificate to see how easily you can modify or create this certificate yourself in MS Word.

Achievement Certificates

Achievement certificate is given to appreciate the ability of the individual in a particular field and to encourage his experience countering the situation. The fact of things done successfully with effort, skill, courage, flow, and patience is called achievement. This certificate is useful when you want to keep records of your achievements in the upcoming future. 

#3 – Certificate of Achievement

Certificate means an official document attesting a fact. We learn something new. We want to acknowledge our efforts and the organization which is conducting the course. To fulfill this purpose certificate of achievement is used.  Achievement certificates are the ones published based on the skill achieved in any platform. Their duration can be short or long. It uses for several reasons. It helps to understand the level of the student at which he achieved his skills.

So, most of the courses have achievement certificates for their students. Such certificates are having an organization stamp for their credibility or worth. It plays a useful role in the students’ resumes as it shows the practical exposure of the achieved skill. A certificate of achievement is not equivalent to a diploma and a degree from an affiliated institute. Certificate of accomplishment mainly reveals its recipient, title of the course, and the institute name. 

#4 – School Achievement Certificate

A certificate of school achievement is awarded for multiple reasons. It has many uses. It depicts the student’s performance, their sense of responsibility, and commitment to their studies.

It suggests that students with such certificates are more likely to have creativity in their personality. They accept challenging assignments and other projects to explore their abilities. When students get acknowledgment for their hard work, they completed their deadlines. The level of confidence in students ultimately increased. Therefore, academic institutes have school achievement certificates. Such certificates, awarded to all students, but remarks are different for brilliant students. It helps to understand students’ abilities when they apply for the job. They are recognized for their skills, and it leaves a professional impact on their organization. It has a unique role in the academic world. This certificate is attested and approved by the higher authority of the school. Student academic career is incomplete without this certificate.

#5 – Sports Achievement Certificate

Not every student is brilliant in academics. Many students prove their self-worth through sports. Sports achievement certificate issued to highlight your athletic skills. It claims that you have achieved a certain level of excellence in sports. It helps to understand your ability and strength in sports. It declares that you can deal with physically challenging activities for multiple reasons. It plays a unique role in student life. Who are good at sports. Multiple institutes gave admission on a sports basis. At that phase, students need to be certified in sports from any reliable sports institute. Therefore, students must have a sports achievement certificate when they participate in any sports activity for a better future. It mentions the student’s name, sport’s name, and the duration in which you have completed the given task. This certificate is a form of acknowledgment that brings confidence in a student’s life. It’s a lifetime achievement. 

#6 – Project Achievement Certificate

For any employee, motivation and appreciation is something that boosts his performance and his confidence in him. If the company does not reward him, it creates a discouraging environment, and workers do not focus on work. Rather they become reluctant. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, organizations offer the project achievement award in the form of a certificate and award. The certificate consists of the same element as the simple achievement certificate include. The only difference exists in the title as well as the description of the award. The detail about the project is mentioned in one or two lines to encourage the worker who struggled hard to help the company achieving its goals.

Project achievement is awarded to the whole team or the team manager depending on the type of project and its achievements. Organizations usually arrange the ceremony to present the certificate as well as appreciate employees with some cash award, promotion, or something else that keep an employee motivated.

Appreciation Certificates

The special document or file that is considered by the companies, institutions, or organizations to display and demonstrate the thankfulness in provision to the individual for the remarkable work he had done in the respective subject. We are highly keen on providing the certificates that cast a magnificent influence on the environment. 

#7 – Certificate of Appreciation

Appreciation is the right of every worker, student, or employee who does hard work and meets the mentor’s expectations. To keep the person motivated, the organization rewards him with a certificate of appreciation. It is the best means to honor the one who works hard and achieves the desired goals. Certificate of appreciation covers all components that any award certificate must-have. The key elements include the award title, usually in a unique font, bold and large.

Next to the title is to whom it is concerned that is the name of the candidate with surname, then there is added the reason for the award. It may be the first position award, a high score in the competition, or making an extraordinary effort to achieve company goals. The reason depends on the type of achievement. After that, the date is mentioned. The last part of the certificate includes the signature of the presenter or head of the department. 

#8 – Church Certificate of Appreciation 

This appreciation certificate is awarded to a person who accomplishes the church. To achieve these goals they sacrifice their time and effort. To accomplish these goals they sacrifice those who dedicated their lives. This certificate is awarded to the priesthood or any other leader to appreciate them. This award shows appreciation to support what they have done for the Christine community. 

This pays heartfelt gratitude to those who dedicated their lives to the church to manage things at the church. All those who have done hard work needs such appreciation certificates. This certificate is meant to appreciate people’s hard work in the church. They gave time to maintain the church. This certificate awarded to all those who made it possible to maintain the church building. The church interior is the most difficult thing. All those who gave ideas and worked for its interiors also awarded with the Church Certificate of Appreciation.  This certificate contains soft kind words. Every single person who performed different duties at church deserves an appreciation certificate.

#9 – Customer Appreciation Certificate

In the Customer Appreciation Certificate, the companies/organizations/business firms compliment and pay thanks to thank their customers. Customers are the backbone of any business, so business firms, companies, or organizations appreciate their customers by giving the appreciation certificate. Appreciation certificate boosts customer morale and makes them feel valued.

There are many ways you can complement your customers. You can simply offer words of consolation to show how grateful you are for them and their partnership, and you can give them a clear way to give them an appreciation certificate. The appreciation certificate reflects your gratitude, a sign of sincerity. A certificate not only provides a thank you message to the customer. Rather, it provides the recipient with a memory that encourages them. Although there are different ways to express your appreciation, certificates are more special and meaningful because they are parasitic.


  • The Group or Organization Giving the Certificate 
  • Title 
  • Presentation Wording (is at this moment awarded topresented to)
  • Recipient’s Name 
  • Reason 
  • Date 
  • Signature 
  • Signer’s Title 

#10 – Donation Appreciation Certificate

A donation appreciation certificate is a legal form or a document presented by organizations to acknowledge people’s supportive acts. It is the best way to admire the performance of somebody who offers you support in terms of finance or otherwise. The donation can also be blood and organ donation and services of a volunteer etc.; it shows the humbleness of the concerned organization that the sincerity of the donor has been highly appreciated without being cheapened. This makes the donors well recognized for supporting by their hard-earned penny, and the hard work of volunteers thus increases the number of donors for an organization.

Guidelines to design a donation appreciation certificate

Specify certificate of donation appreciation

  • List the name of the person to be thanked with correct spelling.
  • Introduce the donor with his/her designation and organization
  • Reason for what a person is being thanked
  • Specify the date
  • Designation of the person whose signature will be executed on the certificate
  • Logo of the organization
  • Apply the basic aesthetic rules

#11 – Employee Appreciation Certificate

An employee appreciation certificate is a document that is presented by the organization or company to an individual or organization to appreciate their effort and good performance. An employee appreciation certificate should contain the ideal design and the best wordings to appreciate the employee because it is appropriate to design the document from starting. So you need to have a standard template so that you can design certificates using similar previous events.

Most employee appreciation certificates are official documents and use formal words. But if you are giving a certificate for an informal event so you can use appropriate words. When you prepare a certificate of appreciation for your organization, you must adhere to the guidelines, forms, templates, and procedures.

Contents / Requirements

  • Award Components (Paper selection)
  • Title (Certificate of Achievement)
  • Memorable Presentation (Appropriate Wordings)
  • Presentation line (This is awarded to)
  • Recipient (Name)
  • From whom
  • Description (Reason for the award)
  • Date
  • Signature

#12 – Rising-Star Appreciation Certificate

The Rising Star Appreciation Certificate aims to acknowledge the achievements of an outstanding student or employee so far and provide them with the opportunity to develop their network and skills even better. This award is given on the basis of performance on an employee. A certificate of rising star appreciation is a legal and authorized document, prepared and provided by either eligible capacity or by organization to worthy participants and deserving individuals or firms, whose achievements or acts are reward able and considerable. A rising star appreciation certificate is for excellent performance or capability. This certificate is designed to accept prominent role played by the achiever. It can be improved services or endowment in any field of life by achiever over a period of time, or concerned to a specific activity or performance. It is a honor for someone when they are selected for this certificate. This honor will distinctly state the facts associated to the acknowledgement which someone achieved.

#13 – Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation

An organization must award a volunteering certificate. Employees deserve it for the hours they have contributed. Most corporations go for the latter. They generally have documentation to show that you certainly have done volunteered work. The granting of a certificate will also regard one’s training hours. It doesn’t matter if you acquire the work internally or externally. For those who have done volunteer work, certificates are of great importance to them. It’s very helpful, especially when applying for a job.

They serve as an acceptance of one’s volunteer skills gained through volunteerism. When an organization acknowledges one’s work, this becomes the motivation to perform well for the next time. A certificate is superior because it is strong proof that an organization appreciates your work. This is more so with volunteers, especially the young ones, who are usually not paid certificates, are inexpensive, and are a source of motivation. 

Award Certificates

They are awarded in certain projects to boost up the morale of the workers as they continue the project. Research shows that certificates enhance the work and self-image of the employee and make them feel like winners. Award Certificates contains the display logos of the company/organization and the purpose of which the certificate is assigned to the person.

#14 – Award Certificate Template 

Award certificates are the requirement of every organization because it is the best means to appreciate the good performers. Either it is a field of education, business, or sports, award certificates are the core part of any ceremony. The organizations always use the unique type of templates with different themes and designs. Moreover, award certificates are of various types. These include

  • A good citizen award certificate
  • First place award certificate
  • Student of the year award
  • Best performance in the company
  • Perfect attendance award
  • Star performance award certificate
  • Volunteer certificate award

There are many types of certificates that the organization offers, depending on the type of event. For example, sports award certificates are presented like best batman of the tournament award, etc. Thus the award certificates are the way to motivate the participants and winners to continue struggling and keep on getting success in their lives. 

#15 – First Place Award Certificate

The first place award certificate is awarded to the person who performs best in any competition. Either it is a school exam, a company project, or any extra co-curricular activity competition. The award is presented to appreciate the person. Like other award certificates, this certificate comprises all essential components like title, name of the recipient, description of the representative award, and signature. The one additional element of this award includes the position of award holder. Mainly the title with a first-place certificate is added in bold character.

Moreover, to give the certificate an appealing look, the presenter chooses the appropriate size, template, and certificate design. Most organizations have a particular theme that includes the company logo and theme. The high-level organization chooses the premium templates to give the first-place certificate an alluring appeal. 

#16 – Performance Award Certificate

A performance award certificate is presented to appreciate the employee for his overall performance. It is a simple piece of paper or card that comprises the title for the achievement and the recipients’ names. Moreover, it covers other components also. These include

  • Presentation line that follows the title and the description in a way “it is hereby presented to” or “is awarded to” followed by the name of the recipient
  • Recipient name or group name is awarded to whom the award is concerned
  • “From” representing the name of the organization or person who is awarding this certificate
  • Description or reason for the award
  • Signature is done at the bottom of the certificate by the representative. Sometimes there is space for one sign or sometimes two depending upon the number of jury members.

To make the certificate presentable, the logo, borderlines, seal, and lines are added. The handful of visual motifs makes the certificate enchanting and presentable.

#17 – Volunteer Award Certificate

A volunteer award certificate is another way to recognize the efforts given by the individual. This certificate identifies volunteer skills accrued during volunteerism, and this certificate appreciates them. These award certificates motivate volunteers and recognize their accomplishments. This certificate’s primary work is to show that someone has worked as a volunteer. These certificates are awarded to those who have worked as a volunteer, and they also need such certificates while applying for the job. So, for a person who has been a volunteer for something, certificates are very important. Simple thank you by the company can strengthen volunteer efforts.

  1. This award certificate has the volunteer’s name.
  2. Volunteer’s father’s name.
  3. Date of birth of volunteer.
  4. Volunteer N.I.C number
  5. Volunteer joining date to ending date.
  6. Briefly describe their job responsibilities, talk about their efforts as a volunteer, and how efficiently he/she performed them.
  7. Write something about their personalities as a volunteer.
  8. Issue date of the certificate

Certificate of Excellence

The excellence of the person in a particular field is really necessary for his progression and for the betterment of the company. Certificate of Excellence is awarded for the brilliancy of the person at a certain level. The inner soul makes the person work remarkable due to its outstanding ability. 

#18 – Certificate of Excellence

As the name of certificates indicates itself something excellent. Certificate of Excellence is an encouragement award given to students, employees, and also to business partners. Any person who has done something extraordinary or exceptional in their work deserves such certificates. This is the best way to reward someone for their excellently hard work, contributions, and performances. This award also motivates other members or people to improve their performance and do an excellent job getting such certificates.

Following are the main point musts that be included in the Certificate of Excellence.

  1. Name of the group or company giving a certificate of excellence
  2. Title of Certificate like Certificate of Excellence
  3. Presentation words are very important. For example, this certificate was awarded to or presented to.
  4. Name of the person receiving a certificate
  5. Write a small paragraph acknowledging the person’s excellent work has been done and why this certificate is awarded to this person.
  6. Date of the issuance
  7. Signed by Authority

#19 – Training Certificate of Excellence

This certificate is given to the employees for extraordinary performance in their training. Training is the program offered by the company in which employees learn something new. Training is the best way for employees to expand and enhance their knowledge, and training provides development for both employees and the company. At the end of training sessions, employees are evaluated on their progress and those who performed very excellent being awarded by training certificate of excellence. Therefore training certificate of excellence is awarded to those whose performance and contributions towards the training program were outstanding.

This certificate should be written courteously. All important information of the trainee (his/her name, date of birth), company’s name, joining date and ending, trainees contributions towards the program (write a brief paragraph on the performance of trainee and why this certificate is awarded to this person), under whose supervision he/she worked, what was trainees accomplishment all this information included in this certificate.

#20 – Employee Excellence Certificate

This certificate is awarded to an employee who receives very good and excellent remarks continuously. The company awards this certificate to its employees as a token of appreciation. This is the best way to acknowledge employees’ hard work and their contributions to the company. It means a lot for an employee to get valued by the company. Awarding this certificate to the employees is too high for their productivity as they feel valued for their work. They will do work with more motivation that will eventually increase their productivity rate and hence the overall productivity of the company. The most important information consists of an employee excellence certificate is the name of the company the employee is working for, and the name of the employee being awarded. Motivational-themed award messages are the best way to identify employee’s efforts. Therefore, the employee excellence certificate should have a small paragraph acknowledging the employee’s contributions and performances for the company. The name and signature of the CEO or manager are also part of the certificate.

#21 – Certificate of Sports Participation

Sport Certificate is the verified record of the person’s skills in a specific sport or participation in a specific game. It also shows the award received in playing for a specific competition. It is related to energetic intention either for self-esteem or competition. A sportsman has both physical and mental fitness to achieve this certificate. It may also distribute as the list of the training undergone by the person.

The main purpose of making the sport certificate is that it specifies that the person has something extra than his competitors. Several institutes, organizations, companies, businesses, colleges, or universities have sports quotas. A sports certificate is very important in every aspect of life, either your admission to college or university or interviewing for a job. A sports certificate tells the interviewer about your teamwork, team spirit, leadership, management, competitive spirit, ability to work, and so many other things. 

#22 – Company Experience Certificate 

This is a written document given to the company’s employees that certifies their experience in an organization or company. This certificate determines all projects and work done by the employee. A company experience certificate is a document that is provided to the company’s employees upon completing their employment tenure. This certificate is a formal letter confirming the time employee spent with the company. This certificate determines the employee’s skills and experience he had performed there. The purpose of this certificate is to confirm the claim a job candidate makes about their experience and skills mentioned in cv because this letter is mostly made when someone is applying for another job.

This is the most valuable certificate because this contains information about employees working duration in the company. The company’s experience certificate should be written in a courteous language and it must be written on Company’s letterhead. Do write the issue date of the certificate. Write about the employee’s designation and description of his job. Mention his/her performance and describe their love for learning and work. Do wish them for the future.

#23 – Company Training Certificate

A company training certificate is a document that certifies the holder has taken some training and this certificate is awarded to them on completing their training. This certifies on the certificate that a specific person has done extraordinary work during their training. The purpose of providing this certificate is to motivate trainees. The most simple and professional way to acknowledge employees’ effort and hard work after some successful training is to award them with a company training certificate.

The company training certificate must be presented in polite language and must contain the following key points:

  • State training time duration ( when it started and when it ended)
  • Mention trainees Full name
  • Mention the issuance date of the certificate
  • Write a descriptive title or course title of the training
  • You also mention the performance given by the trainee
  • Projects are done by the company’s trainee

#24 – Internship Certificate Template

Internship means a period of time in which you get training by working in an organization for a limited period of time and after completing that time, every intern is entitled to an internship certificate. Internship certificates are given to those trainees who complete their internship in an organization, company, or institute. The internship is all about getting trained under some trained people of the company/organization. This certificate contains information that describes the intern who has done his/her internship within a department ot the company. The internship certificate must be written on the company’s letterhead.

Mention intern’s correct name and their date of birth. Write about the nature of the internship they have done. Mention skills and knowledge intern acquired after completing this internship. This certificate demonstrates happiness with the intern’s performance and dedication towards their work. Mention what kind of projects he has done during his internship. Under whose supervision he was. Mention their supervisors’ name and their designation as well.

Important Components to Create a Certificate

Certificates are created on a special occasion to appreciate the holder with its honorable work and abilities.

  • Design Detail:
    The design of the certificate is selected in the beginning. The design notes this certificate from others. Maybe each certificate has a different border and printed on a different type of paper.
  • Purpose of Certificate
    Secondly, the purpose of the certificate is well-known while composing the certificate. Does it mean that in which regard certificate is been given? The purpose should be printed on the certificate either it’s giving to the employee or the student.
  • Make a list of the Recipients
    Actually, certificates are given in the ceremony from the hands of the honorable chief guest. In this ceremony, many of the individuals are being awarded for their remarkable performances and outstanding achievements. The recipient list is necessary to avoid the delay of the certificate processing. 
  • Name/Place of Certificate
    The name of the award holder and the place from where he is getting the award plus the organization name should be mentioned clearly on the certificate.
  • Budget Information
    This information is really helpful in saving money and in the selection of best design with great upfront which gives you the bombastic sum-up package.
  • Printing and Signature Affix
    Printing should be done with a special type of paper which shows its significance itself. Signature affix should be stated for better recognition of the award.
  • Framing
    You can also frame your certificate with the glass and wood covering on the edges which makes its worth double. It protects the certificate from dust and helps in hanging on the wall. This process is really essential for the safety and better handling of the award. 

All these templates are created using vector graphics to make them printable at any resolution or any DPI settings you want.