24+ Professional Certificate Templates for MS Word

The certificate is an official document that is received due to the accomplishment of some task. It is the document stating that above all particular facts are true. It is awarded due to some skill or the progression of the person in a particular field. It is attested by some authorized personnel to show its originality and importance.

Professional certificates look attractive when hung on the wall, table, and notice boards. The main objective is to provide a type that suits your wall or the place where you want to hang it. These are made up of a special type of unique material that adds beauty to your surroundings. The distinctiveness of the design makes it unique among all.

The designs you find here are colossal that are attracted by the eye of the viewer. It usually contains the appreciation lines showing some gratitude and love to the holder. We focus to provide up-to-the-mark designs that grab the consideration of the people. Designs vary in different varieties to show it exclusive among others. It enhances the beauty of the place where it is present. 

Uses & Types of Certificates

These are helpful to make people feel that their work is treasured. It shows approval and gratitude for the person’s good job and makes him aware that good work will always be rewarded. It also shows the local person to become well-aware of the current outstanding accomplishment. It is just a piece of the piece, but its worth can never be beaten by any amount. Certificates give the individual opportunity to visibly demonstrate the efforts, skills, and initiative they have obtained. The person who is awarded is being considered strong in the race of job selection.

It helps you to take a smarter approach to your profession, helps you move faster, and helps in making your personal recognition among others either in the professional field on in the international worldwide rankings. It is given in the grateful recognition for your brilliant commitment to the excellent services of the person. In regard to some innovative ideas of the person, the certificate is being given to encourage his excellence. People desired to keep our formats because of their appealing design and glowing look. 


These are usually given in the account of some excellence of the student or the achievement all over the institute. The achievement may be academic or extra-curricular activities. Academic certificates contain the proper record of the student in its academia. Due to congested space, all of the information can’t be put down but it contains all the superior information which is needed for the individual in the future.

#1 – Academic Diploma Format

Personalize Online

Watch the video below to see how you can modify or design this certificate by yourself in MS Word.

Source Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVetCrYKIOk

#2 – Sample Appreciation Certificate for Student

Personalize Online

You can download this Certificate of Appreciation from the link below. You can also watch a video on the making to see how easily you can modify or create this yourself in MS Word.

Source Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npknb5RXBWo

Note: The above format is designed with the latest version of MS Word. Because of that, we have received some complaints where the border and award icon do not work in the older versions. Based on this, we have designed a different version to work with older versions of MS Word. You can download it from the link below.

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An achievement certificate is given to appreciate the ability of the individual in a particular field and to encourage his experience countering the situation. The fact of things being done successfully with effort, skill, courage, flow, and patience is called achievement. This is useful when you want to keep records of your achievements in the upcoming future. 

#3 – Certificate of Achievement Template

#4 – School Achievement

#5 – Sports Achievement

#6 – Project Achievement


The special document or file that is considered by the companies, institutions, or organizations to display and demonstrate the thankfulness in provision to the individual for the remarkable work he had done in the respective subject. We are highly keen on providing the certificates that cast a magnificent influence on the environment. 

#7 – Elegant Certificate of Appreciation Template

#8 – Church Certificate of Appreciation

#9 – Customer Appreciation

#10 – Donation Appreciation

#11 – Employee Appreciation

#12 – Rising-Star Appreciation


Watch the video to see how can you Edit this Certificate of Appreciation in Microsoft Word

#13 – Volunteer Appreciation


They are awarded in certain projects to boost up the morale of the workers as they continue the project. Research shows that certificates enhance the work and self-image of the employee and make them feel like winners. Award Certificates contain the display logos of the company/organization and the purpose of which this is assigned to the person.

#14 – Award Certificate Template 

#15 – First Place Award

#16 – Performance Award

#17 – Volunteer Award


The excellence of the person in a particular field is really necessary for his progression and for the betterment of the company. Certificate of Excellence is awarded for the brilliancy of the person at a certain level. The inner soul makes the person work remarkable due to its outstanding ability. 

#18 – Black & Red Certificate of Excellence Format

#19 – Training Excellence

#20 – Employee Excellence

#21 – Certificate of Sports Participation Template

#22 – Company Experience

#23 – Company Training

#24 – Internship Certificate Template

Important Components to Create a Certificate

Certificates are created on a special occasion to appreciate the holder with its honorable work and abilities.

Design Detail:

The design of the certificate is selected in the beginning. The design is what distinguishes this and makes it prominent from others. The fact is that each design has a different style and is printed on a different type of paper.


Secondly, the purpose of the certificate is well-known while composing it. The purpose should be printed on it either it’s given to the employee or the student.

Make a list of the Recipients

Actually, certificates are given in the ceremony from the hands of the honorable chief guest. In this ceremony, many of the individuals are being awarded for their remarkable performances and outstanding achievements. The recipient list is necessary to avoid the delay of the processing. 

Name/Place of Certificate

The name of the award holder and the place from where he is getting the award plus the organization name should be mentioned clearly on the certificate.

Budget Information

This information is really helpful in saving money and in the selection of the best design with great upfront which gives you the bombastic sum-up package.

Printing and Signature Affix

Printing should be done with a special type of paper which shows its significance itself. Signature affix should be stated for better recognition of the award.


You can also frame your certificate with the glass and wood covering on the edges which makes it worth double. It protects the paper from dust and helps in hanging it on the wall. This process is really essential for the safety and better handling of the award. 

All these templates are created using vector graphics to make them printable at any resolution or any DPI settings you want.

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