6 Useful Cover Page Templates for Reports in MS Word

The report cover page is the title or the front page of any report. It includes the title of the report, the name of the report writer, the name of a specific person to whom the report is to be submitted, and the due date of the report.

What should it look like?


It must have the title of the report written in bold letters choosing a font size that is most appropriate with the font style. The title must be clearly visible to the reader of the report. The name of the person who submits the report must also be clearly mentioned. If you wish to use graphical images on the front page, you must go for graphics that are well-aligned with the topic. Most importantly, the graphical images must not overlap the text written behind them. It should be clearly visible.

Download Free Formats & Designs

On this page, you can download cover page templates, designed in Microsoft Word, with very professional layouts and designs. All of these are fully editable and printable on a US Letter size paper.


Beautiful Format for an Analytical Report


Best for Formal & Informal Reports

Formal & Informal Reports Cover Page Template in MS Word


For Functional Report

Cover Page Template for Functional Report in MS Word


For Internal & External Reports

Cover Page Sample for Internal & External Reports - MS Word


For Social Media Report

Cover Page Template for Social Media Report in MS Word


Format for Informational Report

Informational Report Cover Page Template for MS Word

What is the importance of a good cover page?

 When you start a discussion with someone over a topic, one actually first sets the environment for taking the discussion forward. The same is true while writing cover pages, it actually helps set the tone for the reader to move on to reading the whole detail inside. A good front page will provoke the reader to read more of the details while a non-attractive and poor one will be left without reading or rather would be read unwillingly.

It helps create an impression on the reader. They provide support to the document alone. They must be managed effectively and efficiently.

Key areas

While designing for reports one must depict an attitude of seriousness. It would lay down the foundation for a good reading environment. A front page that is full of graphic representation will always distract the reader from further reading. Here, I certainly do not negate the idea of using graphics but what we need to understand here is the fact the graphics must be limited. A powerful graphical image that speaks for the topic itself is the most desirable one. Images play an important role when it comes to conveying a message to another body.


Normally people go for designing the front pages at the end of the writing and this somehow feels convenient. It makes it easier for the writer to put in necessary details at the end as he is the writer he is well aware of the fact that what he is written inside. Keeping this in mind makes it easy for the writer to collect details and pour them on the front cover.

A well-designed format that reflects that someone has taken pain behind the whole work actually urges the reader to give respect to the reader for his hard work. It impresses him in no time. It helps build a good base for the reader to move ahead with the content published. Whatever you do, pour in your hard work and see wonderful results.

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