136+ Free Printable Certificate Templates for MS Word

A certificate is a unique document that is awarded to a person. It represents his/her accomplishment of a specific task. Certification is an easy way to keep people motivated and let them know that they have performed well. Receiving the certificates gives the people a different type of warm glow making them know that someone appreciates their work and acknowledges them. 

Find below some different categories of Certificates

Achievement certificates

These certificates are defined as documents given out as recognition of the process or completion of a task. Such certificates are issued by various institutions which include, employers, primary schools, secondary schools, or schools of higher learning. In several cases, the achievement certificates are also referred to as a certificate of accomplishment or certificate of recognition as in each case, the meaning remains the same.

It is important to note that the accomplishment certificates must not be confused with any diploma, degree, or professional license. They only indicate that the recipient is done with completing a course or program. Within primary schools, these are presented as small rewards, whereas, in high schools, they are provided as an indication of completion. However, these must not be confused with completion certificates as they are different from each other.

Amazing Sports Achievement Certificate Template

Beautiful Certificate of Academic Achievement

Appreciation certificates

Appreciation certificates are special documents that are presented to individuals or organizations to support their good deeds and efforts for a specific task or excellence. These are designed by companies, institutes, or individuals in order to show appreciation for the work they have done. These are also presented if individuals have accorded various subjects. The template of appreciation certificates differs for each organization. However, all of them come along with distinctive logos and emblems with a personalized message showcasing the reason for appreciation.

It has been well-established that certificates provided between projects help in boosting the morale of employees or workers. These also lead to the timely completion of tasks. According to research, appreciation certificates help in reinforcing desired performance behaviors in individuals. It boosts their self-image and makes them feel like winners who have accomplished their tasks. 

Award Certificates

Award certificates are defined as a piece of paper that has an award inscription mentioned on it. The basic purpose of giving these awards is to celebrate the achievements. These are presented to the winners of awards such as employees, companies, students, sports teams, or participants. These seem to be different kinds of certificates, however, they are not easy to develop or design. There needs to be certain information mentioned on these which includes the title of the award and the name of the recipient receiving the award. Apart from that, it must also include the presentation tagline, the name of the person giving the certificate, and the reason for which the certificate is to be presented.

Sports Certificates

Sports certificates are awarded to the players for their expertise or participation in particular sports. These can also be provided for both these reasons collectively. These certificates serve as a credential for validating the achievement or participation of participants in sports-related activities. Sports certificates are important in recognizing people as different from others. For instance, in certain countries, a separate quota for jobs is available if the candidate is a sports person. Based on these, several students can get admission to high schools and universities.

Sports certificates come along with the name of the event or sport. The name of an individual and the accomplishment of the participant in the event is also mentioned on these certificates. Besides this, the details regarding rewards and the organizer of the event are also mentioned on sports certificates. 

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates also commonly known as gift cards are prepaid store-value money cards. Usually issued by banks, these can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a store or related businesses. Apart from that, these are also given out by employers to their workers for their good performance. The gift certificates can also be referred to as cash cards. It happens when they are distributed by retailers and marketers as a part of their promotion strategy. Generally, the gift cards are provided physically to the recipients. However, as a result of digitalization, mobile gift cards or certificates are also gaining much popularity. These are delivered to mobile phones through a message or email.

The certain benefits of gift certificates include enhanced brand awareness, improving sales, attracting new customers, and reducing fraud in businesses.

Warranty Certificates

When a customer buys a specific product, he/she needs assurance that they have bought the best product and made the best decision. This can be assured by issuing a warranty certificate. It serves as a confirmation for the customer that if the product fails to deliver its results, it can be brought back to the company for resolution. It serves as a critical document without which the customer is unable to make a claim for replacement or repair. Therefore, it must outline the company’s terms and conditions along with beneficial information.

Some common types of warranty certificates include:

  • Product warranty certificates
  • Extended warranty certificates
  • Lifetime warranty certificates
  • Limited warranty certificates
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Project Completion Certificates

Salary Certificates

Excellence Certificates

Insurance Certificates

Stock Certificates

Certificates for Teachers

Marriage Certificates


When can a certificate be given?

There is no specified time to provide a certificate as one can acknowledge the people for their good work at any moment. However, certain times are regarded as good times to represent the certificates. These include:

1. Community service

The schools or working teams are often involved in organizing community service events. These help in building team unity along with helping other people in need. As these services are done solely for social causes, financial assistance does not fit the case. In such situations, an award certificate serves as a gesture of ‘Thank you’ and is appreciated by the people.

2. Volunteer or job milestones

Working for a social cause or as an employee of an organization requires recognition. It keeps them motivated about the cause they are working for. Providing the employees or volunteers with certificates can help boost their morale and ensure continued success. 

3. Completion of a course

Acquisition of knowledge about the latest technologies and methods is one of the greatest necessities for the employees. They can perform well and keep their position secure by displaying the certificates they have received. These could be related to training programs, course completion, or technological advancements.

Why is it important to obtain verified certificates?

It is important to obtain verified certificates because of several reasons, which include:

Obtain access to graded material

Verified certificates serve as proof for employers, organizations, or other institutions. It signifies your accomplishment for completion of an online course or performance of duty. It also makes sure that you have gained excessive knowledge within the field and mastered the material in order to earn a certificate.

Gain unlimited access to course material

In the case of educational certification, obtaining a verified certificate helps in affirming that you have acquired knowledge about the subject matter. This also aids in gaining unlimited information in the future for enhancing your knowledge base.

Showcase your accomplishments

If you are looking for a job or planning to build your profile on job-seeking websites, verified certificates help you a lot as these are presented as an award for your accomplishments. These can be provided to friends, family, or other people for referral of jobs.

Support your mission

Verified certification helps you in accomplishing your mission. This could be either starting new ventures or improving your learning experience through research.

What are the benefits of certification?

Achievement of a professional certificate is an important aspect of showing dedication to your chosen field. It provides verification that you are well-capable and well-trained to effectively use the tools within the industry. Obtaining these certifications helps the brands and employers that you can serve as a valuable contributor to your profession. It also aids in recognition of your commitment and learning for self-improvement in professional life. The major benefits of becoming certified within your profession include:


Starting your career with a foundation of professional certification ensures that you are already ahead of the market competition. The extra training, information, and knowledge gained through certificates make sure that you are a suitable candidate for employment. Apart from that, it also ensures that you require less training as compared to other candidates. As it saves valuable money and resources, it is met with high appreciation from employers. In short, it can be rightly said that certification improves your efficiency, appreciation, and effectiveness.

Competitive advantage

If you pursue having professional certificates in your field, this will provide you with a competitive edge over your colleagues and friends. While looking for a job, it will help you stand out among other applicants. It can also serve as a determining factor for you to get promoted easily. The market today is becoming highly competitive, so it is important that you keep yourself updated with new skills and tools. Acquiring certification thus helps in keeping yourself ahead of such competition.

Professional Credibility

Professional certification is becoming highly valuable for companies as many of them have made them compulsory. These companies make it a policy that following certification is important for being hired as a consultant or employee. This ensures that not only you are a professional candidate but also have an interest in learning. Thus, certificates help in increasing professional credibility in professional networks.

Earning potential

One of the most important financial benefits the certifications offer is that you have a chance to increase your earning potential. You will not only be hired at higher positions through certificates but can also expect better bonuses and raises in the future. But, this can be only possible if you keep on receiving certificates for advanced knowledge and get your certifications renewed.

Expansion of knowledge and skills

Keeping yourself aware of the latest technologies and technologies helps in integrating new methods into everyday life. This not only helps in the acquisition of new skills but also improves efficiency and expertise.

What are the different types of certificates?

There are different types of certifications available that help in increasing professionalism and expertise including gift certificates, sports certificates, and warranty certificates. However, certifications can be classified into three major categories. These include:

Corporate certificates

These are defined as internal certificates produced within the corporations and are not portable to other industries. Some of the examples include:

  • Enterprise’s Management Training Certifications
  • Pilot Management Development Certificates

Profession-wide certificates

It is one of the broadest types of certification and helps in improving professionalism and efficiency at work. It is a portable certification that can be carried by certified professionals wherever they work for their work appreciation. Some of the product-based certificates include:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Registered Architect
  • Certified Meeting Professional
  • Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement

Products-based certificates

These certifications also known as role-based certificates are specific to certain products and are required to be carried by holders across companies who use that specific product. It is commonly used in marketing and information technology, where work related to hardware and software products is carried out. A few examples of these certificates include:

  • Software certifications
  • Lean Six Sigma Organizational Structure Methodology

How do certificates differ from licensure?

Considering the example of professional certificates, these are presented as an award through an educational institute or professional organization. However, if credentialing is needed by law before starting the job practice, it is called licensure. Licensure differs from a professional certificate as the first one is required by law. Secondly, it is obtained by the state agency in comparison to certificates. In several cases, the process of certification and licensing strongly relate to each other and lead to confusion. This can be avoided by learning the processes in detail as they differ in legality.