5 Free Employee Salary Certificate Templates with Sample Data in MS Word

It is vital for businesses as well as individuals to keep a track of the salary that the employee gets. Record-keeping helps keep a proper track and avoids misunderstandings. For this purpose, each employee’s salary certificate is prepared.

A salary certificate is used as documentary proof of the salary paid to an employee. It contains various details about the salary, employment contract duration, allowance and other grants, and personal details about the employee.


These details are meant to show the amount of money being paid to the employee in return for his/her services for a company and indicate that he/she is a paid employer. An employee can request the HR department for the production of a salary certificate which is prepared on the company’s specific letterhead.

Download Salary Certificate Templates in Microsoft Word

On this page, you can download a variety of employee Salary Certificate templates. All of these certificates are designed in Microsoft Word with sample data and contents. All you have to do is to fill in the employee’s specific information in the empty areas and your salary certificate is ready.

It will not take more than 5 minutes to get your certificate ready for you using any of these examples listed below.

#1 – Employee Salary Certificate Format

Employee Salary Certificate Format in MS Word

#2 – Employee Salary Certificate with Amounts Breakup

Employee Salary Certificate with Amounts Breakup for Microsoft Word

#3 – Salary Certificate Format with Gross and Deduction Amounts

Salary Certificate Format with Gross and Deduction Amounts - MS Word

#4 – To Whom It May Concern Salary Certificate

To Whome It May Concern Salary Certificate in Microsoft Word

#5 – Design savvy Salary Certificate Template

Salary Certificate Template in MS Word

Why are salary certificates needed?

Salary certificates are legal documents needed for several purposes depending upon the situation. The most primary purpose is to show that this particular person is earning this much. 

Salary certificates will have to be produced for banks, insurance, installment, higher education, and scholarship purposes, etc. while applying for a loan, an insurance plan, or a credit card application. This will provide exact and evident proof of the salary and the tax-related details too. This present and predicted salary can be predicted on basis of this certificate. The advance, as well as the net amount, is mentioned on the salary certificate.

In order to give the employee an idea of what deductions have been made in their salary and what special packages have been added.

What does a salary certificate contain?

After securing a safe job, the next goal for an employee might be to secure a loan or insurance for themselves. While the primary purpose of a salary certificate is to show the information related to the employee’s monthly or annual salary, the deduction or additions, gross and net salary, etc., there are other details included too. These are:

  • Employee’s personal detail: Name, address, contact number, date of birth, employment number or ID number, department name, signature, date of recruitment, designation, employment status, etc.
  • Salary-related details: Basic salary amount, gross salary, net status, allowances such T & DA, Provident fund, health allowance, etc. and the deductions that have been made in the net salary.
  • Other details: Date of issuance,asignature of the concerned authority, and stamp, etc.

Arrangement of elements in the salary certificate:

The above-mentioned elements can be arranged in any order; however, the best would be to start with the personal detail of the employee and the organization, followed by salary details such as gross salary, basic salary, net salary, deduction, allowances, etc., and the cost of the employee to the company.

How valid are salary certificates?

If properly approved by the management, salary certificates can have strong legal value and can be considered valid for as long as a year. These can be produced to a bank for a loan or for other purposes.

Salary certificates are usually issued to the employees once every year but can also be obtained on a quarterly basis too.

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