24+ Free Resume Templates for Freshers and Professionals

A resume is defined as a document enlisting an individual personal and professional experience along with your skills and educational history. The main purpose of a resume is to show yourself as the best potential candidate for a particular job. A good resume opens up 2 percent more chances of you being hired by an organization.

Introduction of resume

The introductory part consists of an individual’s skills, knowledge, and competencies which make him/her a suitable candidate for the job.

Key areas to be included in a resume?

The first part known as the introduction opens up by putting light on your professional history. In the next step, you are to give an overview of all your past jobs in which you ought to tell separately what type of job tasks you had been performing and how they had eventually helped you polish your skills. Next would be a discussion of your expertise. The core area in which you are an expert.

Another milestone is covered in the next step which is to tell the employer how the job attracts you as an individual. This very step is accompanied by focusing more on the job description along with your skills and abilities which make you the best fit candidate for the job.

Download Resume Templates for MS Word

On the links below, you can find a number of the Best, Modern, job-winning Resume Templates designed for both Fresh Graduates and Professionals in Microsoft Word. You can customize each of these resumes easily with just an average knowledge of using MS Word.

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Fake details?

Avoid publishing any fake details regarding yourself. You might end up doing your loss. You will certainly get caught up if due to some reason you had manipulated specific details.

Does your resume get checked?

Mostly it is the HR department of companies who are engaged in the employment verification process once the resume is with the organization but there are cases where organizations tend to hire third-party services for verification purposes.

What is the format of a resume?

  • A one-inch margin is to be left while writing a resume.
  • The selected font must be elegant which makes it easy to read.
  • The font size must not exceed 11 to 12 points.
  • Space must be left before and after headings.

Important sections of a resume

The six major parts of a resume include:

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Objective
  • Contact information
  • References
  • Experience

Skills: In this very part the individual highlights his skills which make him capable of doing the job. Skills may also define any expertise of the individual.

Education: Here the individual lists down his educational background. He must list down his qualification in chronological order.

Objective: The individual must clearly state his objective behind seeking the job.

Contact information: The individual’s contact information which includes his personal number must be sited along with any other numbers where the individual may be contacted easily.

References: References must be quoted very clearly whether it be an individual whose name you are quoting or any other body. Details to which may be incorporated sincerely.

Experience: Lastly the experience of the individual with past organizations must be stated.

A resume helps an individual to be finally called up for an interview by a potential employer.

Things that should not be part of a resume

  • Too much information: Avoid detailing unnecessary information.
  • Grammatical error: One should be very clear with respect to the grammatical errors in a resume. You must be very good at spelling.
  • Fake qualification: Never add up any fake qualification information which is fake while writing a resume. You will end up being caught up by the employer.
  • Avoid negativity: Avoid adding up negative comments regarding your past employer.
  • Hobbies: Do not put in much detail about your personal interest and hobbies.

Types of resume format

The four major types of resume are:

  • Chronological
  • Combination
  • Targeted
  • Functional

Chronological Resume: This is the most common type of resume used. It lists down your history of work in chronological order, stating the most recent job first and then moving down to the earliest. It is helpful as it provides a quick snapshot of all the work history to the employer.  This type of resume is preferred when you have a short time lapse between different jobs you have undertaken.

Combination Resume: This resume lets you list down your skills and experiences along with your work history. It is preferable to use a combination resume when you want to detail your work experiences.

Targeted Resume: The targeted resume provides a customized detail with respect to the job an individual is seeking. Your qualifications, objectives, and experiences all are mirror images of the job description.

Functional Resume:  The functional resume focuses first on your skills and experiences. This type of resume de-emphasizes the dates in which you have worked in an organization. Your employment history comes second beneath your skills.

Importance of resume

A resume is important both for the employee and the employer. It helps the employee show his skills and qualities needed for a particular job and also helps the employer to seek potential employees suitable for a job through interviews.

What is the most important part of a resume?

 According to many employers, the skills section is the most important part of a resume. A potential candidate who does not have much job experience must have the potential skills to do a particular job showing that he has the potential for growth. It also helps to depict the interest of the potential candidates.

Whatever job you are seeking one thing is for sure you must not lie about any details which you have written on your resume. Each and every detail of yours must be backed up by solid proof so as to satisfy the employer that you have shown him the correct picture. A powerful resume helps attract employers towards you as a candidate so being specific with things is really important.

Do not rush into providing unnecessary details. It is your mirror image that has been put in words on a single piece of paper known as your resume. Your skills and experiences make up what you are and also help the employer know your true potential so make the most out of them.

Tutorial Videos:

Watch the Videos at the Links below to see how to Design a Resume in MS Word

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbafOwaG7M4