Best Job-Winning Resume/CV Templates for Job Seekers in MS Word

Anyone who has ever applied for a job or has done a job in some business organization must have prepared a resume at least once in a lifetime. There are a large number of documents that are used in business operations and educational institutions. One such document that refers to the human resource department of an organization is called a Resume. You can download a free resume template from the internet and use it to make your own resume.

What is a resume?

A resume is a written document that acts as a precise and concise tool to describe the basic information about an individual. It includes the compiled data related to the person?s educational background, his possessed skills, job, and practical experiences, his work and other credentials, and other mentionable accomplishments of life. You can add any other information that is relevant to the job. It is utilized whenever an individual wants to apply for a job and introduces himself to the potential employer through this.

Types of Resume:

Depending on the job that you are applying to, resumes can be of different types and forms. Some very common forms include the following:

  1. Functional Resume
  2. Chronological Resume
  3. Combination Resume
  4. Targeted or Focused Resume.

You can also make your own resume at home using a simple Microsoft word. The free resume template can be downloaded from online sources and this can act as a guideline for the drafting process. All you need to do is search the internet.

Job resume template:

Any person who applies for a job in any organization needs to prepare and present his or her job resume. As soon as people move out from an educational institute or training center, they look for jobs in the market. To apply to these jobs they draft their job resumes. Such documents are widely used in all industries and countries of the world. The resume is a very important document in the professional career of an individual. Any person can create a resume using the job resume template. This creative job resume template may be downloaded from the internet or searched from word processing software.

What is a job resume?

The job resume is a handwritten or printed document that helps provide precise and brief information about an individual who wants to apply for a job opportunity.

There is a small range of information that can be added to a Modern Resume that includes:

  • Personal details of the candidate like name, contact information, interest, hobbies e.t.c
  • His or her professional and education qualifications
  • Affiliations with organizations
  • Past practical experience of job or business
  • His skills and accomplishments

The job resume is a source or tool to introduce the potential job applicant to the organization by providing them with his initial information. It is useful for both the candidate and for the organization. The candidate gets a chance to present his introduction while the organization can see if the candidate meets the minimum criteria and helps in shortlisting.

General Resume Template for any Job Application


MS Word Version

PDF Version

Creative MS Word Resume/CV Template for Designers


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