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What is a student ID card and why do institutions require them?

Anybody admitted to a school, college, or university owns a student ID card. It’s one of the requirements of almost every institution that students must have their student cards with them. There are a number of reasons why student cards are important. Firstly, from the institution’s point of view, they help in identifying their students, and it also helps them with security measures.

In many institutions there are guards assigned for this purpose only, they check student ID cards before giving students permission to enter the premises, just like faculty members have their own ID cards. They give you authorized access to your institution. On the other hand, students gain a lot of benefits as well. They play a major role in students’ lives and quite honestly hold special importance as they give identity to them. They are an emblem of affiliation. 

So let us define what it is! Well, it is an official proof of identity document particularly made for students. It can be used on and off campus. On-campus its only use is to check your identity and ensure you are affiliated with the institution, but off-campus use of the card is more valuable. As many local and foreign businesses offer discounts on student ID cards.

Download Ready-made Student ID Cards in MS Word Format


On this page, you can download many beautifully designed ID cards, formatted in Microsoft Word. Each of these is designed with vector and high-quality graphics in beautiful colors and layouts.

Design # 1 – Student ID Card


Design # 2 – School Student ID Card


Design # 3 – College Student ID Card


Design # 4 – ID Card Design for Disabled Students


Design # 5 – University Student ID Card


Design # 6 – Star Student ID Card


What information to include in a student ID card?

Every academic institution has its own customized student cards with respect to design and colour themes but the information written on them is almost the same. These days many institutions also offer digital student IDs. It is a soft copy of your card that you can save on your mobiles, laptops, or tablets. In fact, digital student cards have some advantages over the usual ones. They are cost-effective, convenient to make, and take less time to issue to students. Students can also print them if they like. Here is a list of important information to include in student cards.

  • A photo – a formal, passport-size photo with either a white or blue background usually taken within the last 6 months
  • Full Name and registration number
  • Student ID number
  • Department and Class
  • Name of an academic institution
  • Logo of an academic institution
  • Issuance date
  • Expiry date
  • Contact details – this information is optional but it is important information to include in case students lose their cards. This can help them find their cards easily.
  • Home Address – this is mostly required for primary and middle school students
  • Barcode

What are some benefits of student cards?

  • Security – security for both students and academic institutions.
  • Record keeping – it can help institutions keep records of students’ entrances. Who enters or exists when and at what time? All this data can be accessed through cards.
  • Easy sign-ins – most of the time students are required to sign in to different places on campus such as libraries, labs, canteen, etc. With student cards that have encrypted chips, they can easily sign in just by scanning their cards into a reading machine. It will also save you time. 
  • Discounts – many clothing brands, stationaries, bookshops, eateries, and retail stores offer discounts or free coupons to students. Students can avail of these discounts and save lots of money by showing their student cards.
  • Moreover, many tourist spots, museums, festivals, cinemas, theaters, clubs, electronic products, banks, and transportation and accommodation services offer discounts to students. And we say since there are so many benefits of student cards it’s worth owning. 

How do your student cards give you access control?

Technology has become so advanced that it makes lives easier. By incorporating barcodes or encrypted chips on student cards. Both institutions and students can run all the operations smoothly. It’s a secure and verified process that can make their lives hassle-free. Students can easily verify their affiliation with the institution and buy supplies for example books, multimedia products, and lunch. They can access lectures, seminars, conferences, and school buildings.

They can register for classes and other events. Not only do these cards help with easy access but they also help institutions with management. Managing any school or university event can be tiresome. These cards can make that easy, imagine having to record every in and out of an event manually – nightmare right? Thus, smart student ID cards can be a huge help in the registration process, recording the ins and outs of people attending the event, and guaranteeing security. It is also economical and saves you extra labour or volunteers on event days.

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