5+ Educational ID Card Templates for MS Word

On This Page: There are sophisticated and beautifully designed ID card templates for you on this page that you can download with just one click. All these ID cards are designed from both sides, so that maximum information can be expressed on them.

Download these templates, modify them using MS Word and your card is ready for you in just a few minutes.

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What are Educational ID Cards?

Educational ID cards are prepared for individuals who are part of imparting their knowledge through education to students whether it be a school, a college, or a university.  These individuals make up the faculty of the respective institutes where they are teaching. They play an important role in shaping the life of students. All the faculty members hold an ID card which defines that they are all part of the teaching staff at any institute. These cards have their pictures imprinted with their current status at the institute. The branch name of the institute is also stated on the ID card. They also have the institute’s name and logo on them.

Teacher ID Card

The teacher’s ID card shows that a certain individual is a teacher at an institute. The card has the institute’s name and logo imprinted on it. Like any other card, this card has the picture of the teacher printed on it. Beneath which is written the teacher’s name, her current status, and the relevant branch name where the teacher is currently teaching. The ID card number of the teacher is also mentioned on the card.  At the bottom or on the backside of the card is written the address of the respective institute’s branch.

#1 – Teacher ID Card Template for MS Word

#2 – MS Word Instructor ID Card Template

Student ID Card

The student ID card is a tool used for identifying students getting the education from a particular school, college, or institute. The student ID card of a school going student is like a small page folded as a booklet. On the front side of the page is mentioned the school’s name with its proper address. On the side facing the front cover is mentioned the student’s name, his roll number, his class, section, and the branch from where the student is currently getting an education from. The student’s complete residential address is also mentioned on the card. On the other side of the page is pasted the student’s picture which is stamped by the school.

#3 – Student ID Card Template

#4 – Education/Student Identity Card Template

Clerical Staff ID Card

The clerical staff ID card has the institute’s name written on the top and the bottom. The logo of the institute is also printed on the card. The staff member and picture is placed on the card along with all necessary details pertaining to the individual. The name of the clerical staff, his current status, the joining date of the individual, and his serial number according to the series of the employee.

#5 – Clerical Staff/Office Assistant ID Card Template 

The above-mentioned categories all play a vital role in the smooth running of the institute. Teachers along with students make up a strong basis for education. They strive together for the betterment of the institute. Teachers inculcate their precious knowledge in students through teaching and students through effectively implementing the knowledge in the right direction. The clerical staff helps teachers as well the school in monitoring and managing routine administrative tasks. These tasks may include printing worksheets to piling them up and handing them over to the concerned individual for further processing.  They too are an important part of an institute.

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