4 Free Printable Attendance Sheet Templates in MS Word

What do you think an attendance sheet is?

Probably the first sight coming to your mind when hit with this question will be of that sturdy, huge, and voluminous registers our class teachers used to carry to the class every day. It would have a number of rows and columns that were filled completely until the end of the month.

In our minds, it certainly felt like something special owing to the importance given to it by the school administration. Well, it sure is a vital document!

Let us explore why!

Why are attendance sheets needed?

These are a great, easy, and organized tool for keeping a track of and managing the attendance record of students or employees related to an educational institution or school. These are also needed for keeping a record of visitors attending an event or function, the number of people attending a social gathering or congregation, and for measuring the number of attendees for avoiding them with certificates or prizes, etc.

In short, these are used for several purposes that help deal with the issues in the future and avoid mishandling and reduce problems.

Attendance sheets for students:

These sheets keep a record of the number of students present in class each day of the week for the whole academic year. Teachers can use these to efficiently manage the student records by filling columns such as:

  • Roll number
  • Name
  • Class
  • Section
  • Days of the week
  • Date of the month

Printable Student Attendance Sheet

Monthly Student Attendance Format

Monthly Student Attendance Sheet Template for Microsoft Word

Attendance sheets for employees, or workers:

These are kept for employees at workplaces for recording details such as salary records, absence, entrance timing, late coming, holidays, leaves, applications, and others. Paid or unpaid leaves taken by employees are also entered on it. It also helps keep judgment of the employee’s performance and rate his/her performance.

The columns included in the employee sheet are:

  • Employee name
  • Employee ID
  • Department
  • Designation
  • Presence
  • Absence
  • Overtime
  • Late time
  • Sick leave
  • Holiday
  • Short-leave, etc.

Workers Daily Attendance Template

Workers Daily Attendance Sheet Template - MS Word

Weekly Format

Weekly Attendance Sheet Format for Microsoft Word

How are attendance sheets maintained?

Previously attendance was recorded on paper whereas, with the invention of modern techniques, it is nowadays mostly recorded on computers using MS excel and other software. Biometric attendance systems have subtracted the need to input records manually. However, owing to the cost and sophistication of such systems smaller schools, organizations, and firms still depend on conventional techniques.

Basic attendance sheet elements:

Most of the simple attendance sheets for students, employees, and workers have these basic parts:

  • A header containing details such as details of the class, firm, department, teacher/moderator name, sheet heading, year, session, etc.
  • Student/employee detail: Name, roll number/employee ID, designation, etc.
  • Attendance section: it contains rows per day of the month, sometimes divided into weeks.

Why are attendance sheets beneficial?

These can help in achieving advantages such as:

  • Record student’s regularity
  • Calculate employee’s salary/wages
  • Management of class attendance or workload
  • Proper scheduling
  • Manage projects and tasks
  • Avoid problems
  • Provide incentives and rewards on a good performance
  • Issue warnings and precaution letters to those showing lesser absence.

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