5+ Best Free Investment Proposal Templates for Startups with Cover Page Designs

What is a start-up investment proposal and what is its use?

A Start-up investment proposal or start-up funding proposal is simply the document that is used by start-up initiators to get funding from investors. It outlines the start-up’s entire profile; what it does, why it does, and how it does it. It also explains why the company needs funding and why they deserve to have it.

The document is basically created for the investors so that they have no problem understanding the company, weighing the pros and cons of investing, and finally take a decision if they want to invest in the company. It is created to facilitate the investors. The proposal does not necessarily have to be in a document form, it can also be in a presentation form as long as it covers all the aspects of an investment proposal and is easy to understand for an investor.

Download Templates in MS Word Format


On this page, you can download five professionally designed Business Investment Proposal Templates for Startups, formatted in MS Word. Each of these is designed in a booklet style with a professional and attractive cover page design. The fonts used for these proposals are already embedded in MS Word files, but yet, we have listed Font names with each template (in case the embedded fonts do not work for you)

Design # 1

Cover Page


Internal Pages


Booklet View


Design # 2


Design # 3


Design # 4


Design # 5


What features should be included in it?

  • Summary – include a detailed summary of your project. This is an important part of the proposal it will help investors get an overview of the business/company and decide if it is worth continuing to read. Make sure it offers clarity about the project and offers an explanation of important questions such as the niche of your business, the market competition, the benefits it offers to the industry, and the project’s requirements
  • Current situation of the business/company – sketch your company’s performance so far, a detailed description of the products, financial reports, and limitations
  •  Investors and partners – if the company has existing investors and team members then give their introduction. Include information about their background and skills, and the amount they have invested  
  • Goals and market competition – describe your sales goals clearly. The amount of product you expect to manufacture and sell. It’s pricing, the revenue you expect to generate, and the target audience. All this should be stated with respect to the market competition
  • Valuation – here give a breakdown of how the investment will be used, resource requirements, and limitations

What are the different forms of start-up investment proposals?

  • Traditional proposal – a standard document giving detailed information about the company. It is usually lengthy and prepared to share with the investors as well
  • One-on-one proposal – this type of proposal is conversational and given in meetings, conferences, and networking events. Therefore, it is important to make them incredibly short and interesting for the listener. Make sure to only include key points and be always prepared
  • Email proposal – Email is an effective tool for communication and it can also be used to attract investors by simply writing an email to potential investors and introducing your company to them. But make sure to compose the email with care, avoid mistakes, and keep it short
  • Pitch decks – these are simply presentations in which fewer words are written on the screen and more listening is required. In this type of proposal, more engagement from the presenter is required to grab the attention of the investors.

Helpful Video Tutorials

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