31+ Best Flyer Templates for MS Word

You are thinking of opening up a startup and promoting it, or trying to give new life to your already existing business through marketing, but you are clueless about what to do and where to start from! You can obviously not carry the business along or deliver speeches at every corner of the street on how good your business is and why people need to buy it. What do we do then? We create “Flyers.”

What are Flyers?

Flyers are an old-school, yet effective tool to promote your business in the form of a small, handy piece of paper that carries the necessary information about your business to the potential customers or general public. Flyers look like posters or single sheets of paper that are usually created in an inviting, attractive way so that whoever receives them pays attention to them.

Do we really need Flyers?

Promotion or advertisement is as vital to your business as the resources it requires. For you to be able to bring the name of your business to the mouths of the people and tell them what you have in the store to deliver is a highly crucial step for the success of your business. With the current “web-centered” world where advertisements have primarily shifted to web resources, flyers still contain their value, provided they have been made in just the right manner.

Just like the name represents, flyers are pieces of paper or sheets that are meant to “fly” containing information about your business to the general public. These can be distributed in ways more than one; your office boy might be given the duty to go leave the flyers on the doorsteps of every house in a particular area, placed at your reception desk to be picked up by whoever comes across them, sent with the daily newspaper, or posted on a public notice board at a busy alley.

Delivering your message across through flyers is an easy and cool way. It comes with the marketing package you create for yourself. You can sit with your designer to help create the best flyers that suit your business requirements and convey the message you want to.

Flyers VS Brochures

While flyers are mostly made in an 8.5” x 11” size, brochures are made out of various sizes. Flyers are made on a single sheet of paper, whereas brochures can have more than one fold.

Flyers can be categorized as digital, pamphlets, leaflets or mailers.

But how to make sure your flyer does not make it to the junk?

All of us wake up on days finding pieces of papers lying on our doorsteps with the name of a business or another in bold on the top or in the middle of the sheet. A few of these are plain, colorless, thin, low-quality papers; you are very likely to not even get a single read to these and trash them away. A few others are glossy, thick, fine quality, beautifully designed sheets; these are likely to go with you within the house, making it to your reading tables. A few others might be fine and aesthetically pleasant but would be loaded with the way a lot of text; who got time for tons of words, anyway?!

The point to make here is that we all come across many flyers every day but what makes them stand out is the design, creativity, textual information, etc.

Here are a few ways you can make sure your flyer is catchy enough:

Go artistic with the graphic design!

The graphic designer you have employed for your business is a highly crucial person for you. He can add magic to your flyers and make them stand out. He needs to add attractive tones, avoid monotonous designs, plain hues, or overwhelming shades. Remember your flyer is not a piece of art!

1: Be wise with the amount of information to add

It would not be very intelligent to put masses of words in the flyers, not to leave it out all blank. The vital information that you want to reach out to public should be there but keep it creative. Use brief but “all-saying” kind of sentences, do not miss out the vital information, and be very clever with how the data goes inside the sheet of paper. The lines do not have to be flowing in all directions!

2: Choose the right size

It is understandable that you want your flyers to look really “complete” in all senses, but that does not mean the size of the flyer has to go bigger with every idea you add. It should neither be too small, nor too big. Flyers that are average-sized and have the right proportion of text Vs graphics are more likely to be liked by the reader. The font size must not be too small to be read through a scope!

3: Be confident in what you are presenting

With emails, posts, and messages replacing flyers in the modern world, you might be confused about the effectiveness of your strategy. Well, leave the confusions, “ifs” and “buts” aside and gather all the confidence you have in you, you win half the war here. Confidently create your business flyers, and make sure you have enables your flyers quite enough to beat the modern means of advertisement.

4: Keep them eco-friendly

Acting as the environmentally-conscious human that you are, make sure the flyers you create are not heavy on the environment. Flyers are usually made out of traditional paper, and it takes as many as 24 trees to produce one ton of paper. Can you imagine the impact this has on our planet? Most of the businesses do not consider the environment and end up wasting tons and tons of paper. Make sure that the flyers for your business are made out of environment-friendly, low-carbon, or recycled or reused paper that has the least impact on the environment.

Your flyers can win you the bonus point with these qualities!


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