10+ Free Business ID Card & Employee Badge Formats for MS Word

Purpose of having an Employee Card

People working in a company or business are usually working in different fields at the same time. These sectors can be different even though they are in the same building. Employees working in one sector are generally not allowed to move to another sector. There can be various reasons for this, the most important of which is the privacy of the work of these employees and the security of the information or infrastructure of the company or business.

That is why every employee has an identity that is associated with his work. For this purpose, each employee is provided with an ID card which he/she has with him/her at all times. Without this card, they cannot move from one department to another.

Another reason for having this card for every employee is to prevent unauthorized people from going to the company building and workplace. Whenever an employee wants to enter the workplace, the security guard at the door first checks his / her employee card. Each card usually has a bar code on it that stores all the information of this employee. The security guard scans the employee’s card at the door, which verifies the information contained in the company’s central database of employees. This way, after completing the verification process of each employee with this employee card, he is allowed to go to his workplace.

ID Card Material and Size

 The card is usually printed on a PVC sheet or hard paper and laminated with a plastic cover attached to a cloth strap that each employee wears around his neck at all times (during work). There are usually three sizes. CR80, CR79, and CR100.

 The CR79 is the smallest size, about the size of a normal credit card. Dimensions of this size are 83.89 x 66.80 in millimeters. This is usually suitable for printing horizontally.

 The most widely used of these three sizes is CR80. This size is 85.75 x 66.80 in millimeters. This is the same as the size of a regular credit card.

The CR100 is the largest of the three sizes, and ID cards designed in this size are usually suitable for vertical printing. It is 98.55 x 66.80 in millimeters.

Business ID Card

This reflects that a particular person is employed in a certain capacity in any business firm. This is designed by printing a picture of the employee in the center with the employee?s name under it, the designation written beneath it. The employee?s ID number, email address, and contact numbers are mentioned in order respectively. It also has the name and logo of the business firm for which the employee is working. At times they may also have written the employee’s date of joining the business and the card expiration date.

#1 – Business ID Card Template

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#2 – Business Employee ID Card Template (Horizontal)

Employee ID Card

This is just as the business ID card has a photograph of the employee printed on it. Beneath which is written the employee’s respective name and his designation at the organization. The Employee ID number is also stated somewhere. The employee’s email address and contact number are also mentioned. It furthermore includes the joining date of the employee at the organization and also the expiration date of the card.

#3 – Employee ID Badge

#4 – Company Worker Identity Card / Pass Badge Format

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Manager ID Card

The manager ID card is designed by having printed the company?s logo with the name at the top. At the extreme left corner is printed the photograph of the employee. On the right side of the photograph, details pertaining to the employee are written which include the employee’s name, his current status of the organization, his ID number, and lastly, the organizations’ branch name if he is working for any particular branch of the organization. Most cards at the managerial level also have the manager’s blood group printed on them.

#5 – Business Manager ID Badge Design

#6 – Manager ID Card Format

Staff ID Badge

The staff ID card also has the employee’s photo printed in the center. Beneath which is written the employee name and his designation respectively. It furthermore includes the ID number, the department for which the staff member works, the current designation of the staff member, his email address, and contact number is also included in the ID card. The date of joining is also written on it.

#7 – Company Staff ID Card/ Identity Badge

#8 – Staff ID Card Template

Sales Person ID Card

The salesperson ID card is yet another simple ID card of any sales representative. It has the company logo and name printed at the top. The employee photograph is also printed, beneath which is written the employee’s name and his designation in the organization. It may also include the bearer’s contact number, fax number, and moreover his current address. The address comprises the name of the state, city, and postal code. Furthermore, a valid email address is also written at the bottom of the card. This information gives a brief insight into where the employee is currently working and also the position under which he is exercising his authority.

#9 – Sales Person ID Card Template

#10 – Sales Representative ID Badge/Card

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