Free Editable Veteran/Military ID Card Templates for MS Word

A veteran is a person who has given long-term service in any occupation or field. These individuals have good experience in their respective fields. The veteran ID Card or the VIC is an identity card used by veterans in order to get discounts from various restaurants, stores, or businesses. The individual having this card will not be required to share any personal information or military discharge in order to get discounts.

How to get a veteran ID Card?

In order to get a veteran ID card, the person is required to visit the website Upon opening the site, the veteran is required to click on the “apply for printed veteran ID Card” icon and then either create an account or sign in if they already have an account.


Delivery of the card?

The veteran should get the card delivered within 60 days of applying for the card. They can also check the delivery status of their card on

Types of Veteran ID Cards

There are three types of veteran ID cards. They are:

  • Department of Defense Identification card
  • Veteran health identification card
  • Veteran’s designation on a state-issued driver’s license or ID.

Department of Defense Identification card

The Department of Defense or the DOD is a card used to confirm one’s military status and get admittance to the services of the military base. If you are the holder of this card, you can avail yourself of discounts at various stores, businesses, and restaurants.

Veteran Health identification card

When an individual is enrolled in VA health care, he will use his Veteran Health identification card in order to check his appointments with the VA health care. It is the safest way of securing personal information needed to get access to VA health care records. The holder of this card can get discounts at stores, businesses, and restaurants.

Veteran’s designation on a state-issued driver’s license or ID

 Presently all 50 states and Puerto Rico are offering a Veteran designation printed on state-issued driver’s licenses or IDs. The type of Veteran designation offered may differ from one state to another. Having a veteran’s designation enables you to get discounts at many stores, businesses, and restaurants that are offered to veterans.

Veteran ID card a valid form of ID?

Yes, the Veteran ID is a valid form of ID that can be used instead of ID or be more concise in place of ID. There are at least 15 different forms of ID that are accepted by the Transportation Security Administration.

Can a person fly by using the Veterans ID card?

Yes, of course, an individual can fly using a veteran ID card as it is readily accepted by the TSA better known as the Transportation Security Administration.

Who is eligible to receive the veteran ID card?

  • An individual who has served actively on duty either in the Reserves, or in the National Guard (also including the Coast Guard), and
  • An individual who has been discharged from his duties in an honorable manner or with honor.

Veteran ID Card Template for MS Word

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Veteran/Military ID Card Template

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