Free Bid Proposal Templates & Formats for MS Word

When a project, job, work is advertised or put out there in the market by companies, investors, or clients, it is with or without a request for proposal (RFP) form. This form seeks to look out for bid proposals to be submitted in response by the interested companies or other related parties that can be hired for the job.

This submitted by the parties as a reply to a project is aimed to outline and delineate the details related to their eligibility for completing the project. These details help the client in deciding if the proposer is the right pick for the job or not.

This is a document used by businesses to clarify the services, cost, or schedule that the bidding party can provide for fulfilling the project or job requirements. A well-crafted and carefully written bid proposal can help simplify a number of points that are essential for the project owning company, client, or investor.

Download Bid Proposal Templates

Listed below, you can find some professionally laid out, best, yet free Bid Proposal formats created in MS Word. Each of these is designed with an eye-catching and attractive Cover page. Each and every part of these formats is 100% customizable.

Generic Format For any Kind of Job/Project

Generic Bid Proposal Format For any Kind of Job/Project in MS Word

Best for Freelancers

Bid Proposal Template for Freelancers – MS Word

For Construction Work

Construction Bid Proposal Format for MS Word


Details related to the project completion:

  • Client’s details
  • Proposing party’s details
  • Project related details
  • Executive summary: (including
  • A timeline for completion
  • Total cost/budget of the project
  • Materials needed
  • Deliverables to be provided
  • Terms and conditions
  •  Signatures of both the parties

Key elements to not miss out in a bid proposal:

An executive summary:

This will explain why should you be chosen for the job as compared to the other one’s bidding at the same time. In addition, this describes how the project will be completed and what are the basic points that will be taken into consideration.

A few similar successful projects in the past:

The bidder can attach a list of a couple of samples of projects that they have achieved in the past and that outline their project completion strategy.

A health and safety framework:

If the project requires physical exertion and involvement of workers for the job, the safety and prevention guidelines might be articulated to express your concern for everyone’s wellbeing at the project site.

At what part of the project lifecycle do we need a bid proposal?

Bid proposals are submitted at the beginning of a project to show that you, as a company, freelancer, firm, or marketer are ready for providing services, or goods for another company or party.

Why do many bid proposals fail?

Many individuals or companies might be assuming why their bid proposals fail to impress clients and are unable to capture contracts. A few mistakes that might be costing them this are:

  • Inadequate knowledge about the potential client. Clients expect you to understand them.
  • Incomplete details. No one likes imperfect, jumbled-up ideas.
  • Over-ambitious plans. Only state things you can ACTUALLY do!
  • Generic ideas. The client must be made to believe you’re specifically working for their needs, terms, and conditions.
  • Little or no research about if you’re suitable for the job or not. Not all projects are the same!

An effective bid proposal is complete, proofread, well-constructed, and devised right according to the client’s needs.

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