Fully Editable Best Marketing Proposal Templates for MS Word

When marketers want to deliver a project for consideration to their clients, they usually make a written document which is called a marketing proposal. It is a carefully designed document to satisfy the clients, their future goals, how beneficial it will be for them if they become a customer.

A good marketing proposal includes estimated costs, delivery time, strategic ideas, and full details before the approval and signing of a contract.

What is the importance of a great marketing proposal?

In a world full of marketing, proposals are the key elements to make even a wobbly deal get done only if the proposal is great but with a poorly written one, it is easy to lose a rock-solid client as well!

Here are some of the elements of writing a great business proposal;

  • In your discovery session, qualify the needs and requirements of the stakeholders and clients.
  • Create your vision, your plan, and how you will act on it to achieve the desired goals.
  • Use a marketing proposal template to get your work done as quickly as possible and avoid unnecessary delays.

How to write a marketing proposal?

  • The first impression is the last impression: Your cover page should be visually appealing. It should focus on the vision and the organization to give importance to all the decision-makers and stakeholders. You can also feature their brand.
  • Your executive summary: It should include budget, goals, timings, description of how you plan to take the company to new heights and why your agency is the best to work with
  • Outline the goals and challenges: Outline your goals, challenges, plans to set up a stage for your solution plan. Make sure you research the client well before the marketing proposal:
  1. What were your goals last year?
  2. What are your estimated revenue goals for this year?
  3. What challenges came across you and prevented you?
  4. What are your current resources?

Expand your tactics and strategies: Your approach section should highlight the strategies you plan to use to solve their problems along with the services you offer.

  • Mention how you will measure success: Add some benchmarking data and highlight the proposed timeline to reach those goals. For a website relaunch for example for social media marketing, this will include Increase leads by X%.
  • Make a case study section and provide them with proof: Add a few testimonials and your past success rate. This part of your marketing proposal will reinforce that your agency is perhaps the best choice.
  • Outline the terms and conditions: Including legal language to establish a business deal is extremely important. This section should cover confidentiality, data, a notice of cancellation, payment terms, and intellectual property transfer. You can also consult a lawyer for this and add a final contract in your marketing proposal. This is so the client won’t have to reach back again just to ask for the contract to sign. Give them everything they want to close the deal!

Beautifully Designed Marketing Proposal Template for MS Word 2016

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Colorful Social Media Marketing Proposal Template for MS Word 2016

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