Cover Page Designs & Formats for Business Plan in MS Word [Free and Editable]

There are a number of sections and parts included in a business plan that is given primary importance, however, one section that is of utmost importance but is considered of lesser importance is the Cover page. The cover is usually left for afterward and is completed after the rest of the sections have been completed.

Download Templates

On this page, you can download professionally designed front page formats for any kind of Business Plan you are going to create for your,r next client. All these are designed in MS Word on a US Letter size page.

#1 – For Startup

Cover Page Design for Startup Business Plan in MS Word

#2 – Feasibility Plan Format

Feasibility Business Plan Cover Page Format in MS Word

#3 – For Expansion Plan

Beautiful Expansion Business Plan Cover Page Design for Microsoft Word

#4 – Best Format for Strategic Business Plan

Cover Page Format for Strategic Business Plan in MS Word

#5 – Template for Growth Business Plan

Growth Business Plan Cover Page Template in MS Word

#6 – Curvy Design for Internal Business Plan

Curvy Cover Page Design for Internal Business Plan in MS Word

#7 – For Operations Business Plan

Operations Business Plan Cover Page Template for Microsoft Word

Why is a cover page needed in a business plan?

Just as the name denotes, this is that section of the business plan that the readers are likely to come across first. It is, therefore, carefully designed so as to give a brief yet complete view of your plan. It represents, at a glance, all the vital information that the business plan contains. However, it must not be given more importance than it contains. Sounds ironic, right?!

This is why it must be simple to understand, easy to grasp, neat, and straightforward to see. The simpler, the better!

What does it contain?

It must be composed of necessary contact details and other relevant information. It must be comprised of:

Things that CANNOT be missed, such as:

  • Company’s name
  • Title
  • Company’s address and contact information (email, fax, or postal address)

Things CAN be missed but are better once added:

  • Company’s logo, design color, and catchphrase or slogan
  • Year and date of when the plan has been formulated for
  • Serial number
  • Name and contact details of the person to be contacted when needed
  • Name of the person or key member who prepared it
  • A confidentiality statement
  • A disclaimer

Why is it vital for a business plan?

While hours and hours are spent on writing a business plan, many businesses forget to pay the right amount of attention to it. A cover page should be considered critical because:

  • It is the first introduction
  • It tells what the document contains from the inside
  • It gives information to the reader to get in touch with you
  • It professionally conveys the information that the readers are interested in getting
  • A carefully planned front page will get you the edge you need and help you stand out among the rest of the companies

Things to avoid

It must be considered an integral part of the business plan, and thus, things must be carefully planned for it, so that the first impression that your proposal leaves is impressive. A few DONT’s include:

  • Inappropriate font size, either too large or too small
  • Bad-quality image/company logo
  • Unattractive color scheme
  • Bad printing quality
  • Overcrowded graphic outlook
  •  A wrong sequence of information
  • Informal representation
  • Informal font
  • Confused or inconsistent alignment of text and image
  • Typos or grammatical errors

Cover pages are like an open field and can be customized per one’s taste and choice.

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