Booklet Style Free Multipage Resume/CV Template for MS Word

Resumes or CVs are usually designed in a formal and classic way on one or two pages. In this way, all information such as educational history, work history, and skills are designed in the same style and format. But as new technology and innovation come along, the way things are done is changing. Now people use modern style instead of doing things in a specific and old style. Doing so creates newness in things and increases their attractiveness.

Modern Booklet Style

With that in mind, we’ve designed a resume template for you in a new style and unique way. Each of us must be familiar with the booklet styles, we have designed this covering six different pages using the same booklet style. The nice and special thing about this format is that each page of this resume has its own unique and modern style, which not only beautifully presents the information but also attracts the viewer. On each of its pages, the candidate can put a picture of his / her different style, which makes the resume template look like a webpage or magazine. In this way, the resume presents itself in a completely unique way from every other and ordinary resume.

Multipage Format

As mentioned above, this multi-page booklet resume template has six pages. The first page, which can also be called the cover page, on which the candidate can write his name in clear and bold letters. Just below the name is the place to write the name of your most recent and prominent degree. The most prominent part of this cover page is the picture of the candidate which is beautifully designed in the shape of a circle. In MS Word you can easily replace this image with your own image. Also on this page, at the bottom, the candidate can write his contact information. This includes the candidate’s phone number, mobile number, residential address, and email address.

The second page is dedicated to the information about the candidate. On the top of this page, the candidate can add any of their pictures. If you do not want to add your personal image, you can replace it with another image such as a landscape or any other royalty-free image that is suitable for this page. On this page, the candidate can write anything about himself in detail which can best describe his personality, insight, performance, dedication to work and skills, etc.

The third page is designed to describe educational qualifications and history. A book and graduation cap icon has been placed on the left side of this page for the sake of education. Explain your educational details on the right with the institution’s name and year in nice words. Last but not least, there is a place to put an image where you can put your personal or any other favorite picture.

In this same way, the candidate can describe his work history on the fourth page. This page is designed in the form of a beautiful timeline to describe the candidate’s job history. When entering your job history, in addition to its duration, job title, and company name, you can describe your role in the company in free words and in your own style.

The fifth page is for Skills, where you can describe your skills in detail. Along with the name of the skill, you can also mention in the rating style how good you are in this skill. It can be marked in circles from one to ten. You can color any circle and mark its rating. On the last page, you can describe your habits and interests. You can also put your references information on the same page.

In short, this Multipage booklet style resume template is a great and innovative format that can not only help you get a job but also raise your prestige in the eyes of your employer. Create your own CV using the latest style template, setting aside the usual ways and enjoy your job search period.

Cover Page

Sub Pages – About Me & Education

Sub Pages – Experience, Skills, Interests and References

Watch the video below to see how you can create or modify this Multi-page Resume Booklet template in MS Word

Multipage resume format in booklet style

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