Printable Love Card Templates for MS Word

On this page: you can download Free love cards designed in beautiful love colors in MS Word. All these templates are designed on a paper size of 5”x7” so that if you want to print them, you can easily do so on a paper of this size with the help of a regular printer.

Feelings of Love

The most beautiful expression of all the emotions and feelings inside a human being is the expression of love. An expression of love is an expression that makes both the lover and the beloved happy. Every living thing in this world loves to be loved. And when someone loves someone else, then s/he should fully express that s/he loves her/her very much. Because the expression of love breathes a new spirit into love between two lovers.

The Colors of Love

There are different ways to express love. Someone expresses their love for you by giving a rose and saying it through words. Some people express their love through their behavior and manners without speaking. Some people express their love by sharing the pain and happiness of others, while some people help others by showing them how much they love them.

The emotion of love can be in any color, but as long as it is not expressed, in any form, it remains dull and colorless. If you love someone then there should be an expression of that love and there should be no hesitation in that expression. Always keep in mind that your expression will make your loved one very happy, and it will increase the love between the two of you.

Valentine’s Day

In fact, there should be no specific day to express your love to your loved ones, you should repeat it daily. But if you can’t express your love every day, then at least on Valentine’s Day, which is especially the day of lovers, you must express your love. The basic spirit of this day is to promote mutual love. If your love is dusted in the tiring daily life, remove this dust on Valentine’s Day, and express your heartfelt love to your loved one.

Give your Love one a Rose and Love Card

Of all the ways that are there to express your love today, the best and most effective way is to give your loved one a love card with a rose. It is said that red is a sign of love, but in the form of a rose, it includes feelings of love as well as an expression of love. For some people, a love card sent with love and sincerity becomes a more endearing and beautiful feeling than a gift bought with a lot of money.

Love Card Templates

We have designed some beautiful and loving love cards for you to express your love-filled feelings on Valentine’s Day. We have designed all these love cards for you in Microsoft Word so that you can easily modify and use them for yourself without any design skills. All these love cards are the perfect combination of beautiful red love colors and heart shapes. The beautiful words of love create a new life in these love cards which will double the love for you in the heart of your lover.

You can easily download these love cards from the links given below and modify them as you wish. If you are not satisfied with the loving words written in them, you can easily replace them with words of your own choice.

#1 – “I love you” Valentine’s Day Love card

If you have already expressed your love for your loved one or are expressing it for the first time and you are having a hard time saying I love you to your loved one, then using this beautiful love card will help you a lot in your expression of love. All you have to do is download this love card and put a picture of yourself and your loved one in the heart frame. Everything else is already done in this ready-made love card template for you. Also, if you want to do something else in this template, change the love message already written in it to your own words, the way you want.

Watch the video below to learn how to design this beautiful Love Card in MS Word


Design #2

This is a beautiful and simply designed love card that you can use to express your deep love to your loved one in a sophisticated way. The four heart shapes used here are beautifully designed which are greatly enhancing the beauty of this love card. The beautiful journey of love and happiness message written in it is also very suitable for expressing true love. In addition, the floral frame designed in this template is also playing an important role in its beauty.

Design #3

A beautiful big heart and some small heart images revolving around it, this is the most prominent and beautiful part of this loving Valentine’s Day card. Below this is a beautiful message in which it is said about your loved one that thinking about him all the time is a very enchanting and sweet feeling. Happy Valentine’s Day is the most important message of this beautiful love card on this special day.

#4 – “Be Mine”

Be mine, this card revolves around these two magic words. These are not just two words, but a kind of plea to your loved one that for the whole world you may be anything but please be mine. Be mine in all the joys and sorrows of this world. Be mine in every good and bad time. Be mine in good, beautiful, and bad weather. Every day, every night, every second on the clock, please be mine. This Be Mine card is beautifully designed for you to express these beautiful feelings in Microsoft Word with a beautiful pre-written love message.

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