Free 5+ Best Christmas Wishlist Templates for Joyful Giving

In the enchanting realm of festive celebrations, where laughter dances in the air and the warmth of shared moments kindles our spirits, the tradition of wish lists takes center stage. While children eagerly pen letters to Santa, adults often find themselves caught in the whirlwind of holiday shopping, the essence of their desires lost in the chaos. Here, we present a remedy – a guide to elevate the art of gifting with precision and heartfelt intention. Welcome to our world of Christmas Wishlist Templates, meticulously crafted to transform the season of giving into a personalized, joy-filled experience.

Picture this: Instead of the usual guessing game, where gifts may miss the mark, a well-curated wishlist becomes a beacon of inspiration. It’s not just a list; it’s a vivid expression of your desires, a roadmap for loved ones to navigate the vast landscape of your dreams. From tech treasures that sparkle with innovation to the coziest home decor that whispers of comfort, our templates, designed in MS Word format, bring your wishes to life with stunning Christmas-themed aesthetics. Download and embark on a journey where the joy of giving meets the delight of receiving exactly what your heart desires. Embrace the magic of the season, and let your wishes unfold with elegance and grace.

Download Readymade Templates


Get ready to unwrap the joy of effortless holiday gifting with our collection of beautifully designed Christmas Wishlist templates in MS Word format. These stunning templates are more than just lists; they’re festive canvases adorned with lovely Christmas designs, crafted to make your wishes shine. Whether you’re dreaming of tech treasures, cozy home decor, or the perfect bookish delights, our templates have you covered. Download, personalize, and share the magic of your holiday desires with friends and family. ‘Tis the season for seamless, joyous gift-giving—let the festivities begin!

#01 – DIY/Crafty Christmas Wishlist

DIY/Crafty Christmas Wishlist Template

#02 – Book Lover’s Christmas Wishlist

Book Lover's Christmas Wishlist Template

03 – Tech Enthusiast Christmas Wishlist

Tech Enthusiast Christmas Wishlist Template

04 – Home Decor Christmas Wish List

Home Decor Christmas Wishlist Template

05 – Traditional Wish List with Classic Design

Traditional Wishlist with Classic Design - MS Word Template

Kids have always been asked to write a letter to Santa and list all the gifts they want this Christmas. Children often find great pleasure in writing their hearts out and asking for gifts they’ve been wanting the whole year. This could be a toy they want or an accessory they like.

The Santa never comes, we all know so, but who brings the babies those much-wanted gifts? The parent, grandparents, or the relatives. This list-making is an easy way of knowing what the child is yearning for in his /her heart. However, when it comes to adults and all grown-ups, no one asks them to make a list or tell their desires. When someone wants to buy them a present, they do so according to their own likes which often might cause unnecessary time shopping (which is a headache) or buying something that the other person doesn’t really need. This might result in those “unwanted” presents making it to the decor shelf and then sliding slowly to the store or the attic.

These situations can be solved, Christmas time can be consumed the most, and holiday shopping can be made as hassle-free as possible. All of this means more time at that dinner table, more hours chatting with your family, and more happy memories. But how?

Let us break this up for you.

A Christmas Wishlist is a way of asking your loved ones, friends, or family to make a list of the things they’d want this holiday season. It can be for your parents, grandparents, partner, friends, or even yourself!! Because why not?!

How Can Someone Create a Christmas Wishlist?

A lot of people might question the essence of the point of the Christmas gift Wishlist! They might believe the best gift is one the gifter gives with pure intentions and based on their own thoughts. Many people, however, might not agree with the notion. They like to think times have changed and so have the traditions; therefore, the best sort of situation would be when your thoughts coincide with those of the person you love. What’s better than when your sister has wanted that designer bag and you gift her it this Christmas?!

What Does a Christmas Wishlist Look Like?

There is no right or wrong or hard and fast rule of what a Wishlist must look like. You’re the boss here and you decide what and how the Wishlist you are giving to your relatives or friends needs to look like. Here, however, are a few suggestions to help you get creative:

  • A Wishlist with the most minimal bullet list
  • The ones with separate sections for what you want for wearing, eating, playing, etc.
  • A Wishlist for kids that start with their names, hobbies, likes, etc.
  • The one that looks like a postletter
  • The one that looks like the old-school menus and grocery lists
  • The pictorial one that shows pictures of stuff you want
  • The one that looks like a textbook or copy page
  • The one that looks like a Christmas card

In short, anything with a Santa, Christmas tree, reindeer, snow, and jingle bells would do, as long as it serves the purpose.

Let’s make making Christmas Wishlist and the tradition of providing those to your dear ones a real “thing.” After all, what’s the harm in getting gifts and presenting gifts since Christmas is all about these?

Crafting Your Perfect Wishlist: Tailored to You!

Christmas is about more than just tinsel and lights—it’s about YOU! Your Wishlist should sparkle with your personality.

  • Express Your Style:
    Love cozy sweaters or tech gadgets? Your Wishlist is your canvas! Express your unique style with items that scream “you.”
  • Your Hobbies, Your Wishlist:
    Are you a bookworm, a fitness fanatic, or a budding chef? Let your hobbies shine on your Wishlist. Santa’s helpers (your friends and family) will love the inspiration!
  • Memories in the Making:
    Add experiences! Concert tickets, cooking classes, or a weekend getaway—make your Wishlist a memory-making machine.
  • Sizes and Shades:
    No more awkward gift exchanges. Specify sizes and colors to ensure that the sweater fits just right and that the mug matches your kitchen vibe.

Imagine this: Your Wishlist becomes a reflection of who you are, making gifting a breeze for your loved ones. Dive into the joy of personalized presents, where every gift is a little piece of you. ‘Tis the season to be uniquely YOU!

Unwrap the Fun: Gift Exchange Games with a Wishlist Twist!

The holiday season is all about joy, laughter, and surprises. What if we told you that you could add an extra dash of excitement to your gift exchanges? It’s time to spice things up with gift exchange games, and guess what? Your Wishlist can be the secret ingredient to make it even more thrilling!

1. Secret Santa Reimagined:

  • Turn your Secret Santa into a guessing game! Participants can use each other’s wishlists to make gift-giving a delightful mystery. The anticipation builds as everyone wonders who picked their name!

2. Naughty or Nice Dice:

  • Roll the dice for a playful twist. Assign a number to each participant, and when it’s your turn, roll the dice to determine whose wishlist you’ll fulfill. It adds an element of surprise, making each gift a delightful mystery.

3. Wishful Scavenger Hunt:

  • Transform your list into clues for a festive scavenger hunt. As your loved ones follow the hints, the excitement grows, and the final surprise is your dream gift!

4. Musical Wishlist Chairs:

  • Ever played musical chairs? Now add a Wishlist twist! Attach wishlists to chairs, and when the music stops, the person in front of your list becomes your gift-giver. It’s a musical journey filled with surprises!

5. White Elephant Wishlist Swap:

  • Spice up the classic White Elephant game by incorporating wishlists. Participants can “steal” or “swap” gifts based on the items they desire most from each other’s wishlists.

Imagine the joy of opening a gift that aligns perfectly with your wishlist, all while enjoying the festive spirit of these creative games. Your wishlist isn’t just a list—it’s a key to unlocking a world of holiday fun and surprises! Let the games begin!


As we draw the curtains on this festive guide, we invite you to embrace the true spirit of giving. Beyond the meticulously crafted wishlists and the joy of receiving personalized gifts, let this holiday season be a celebration of shared moments, laughter, and the warmth of togetherness. Whether you’re jotting down your desires, exploring the art of gifting, or diving into festive traditions, let the magic of the season illuminate your path.

May your wishlists be not just a reflection of material desires but a canvas of love, gratitude, and the beauty of connections. As you download our MS Word templates, envision the joy each item brings and the memories yet to be made. From timeless traditions to tech-inspired delights, may your holidays be filled with the magic of heartfelt wishes coming true.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, abundant joy, and a season filled with the warmth of love and giving. Here’s to unwrapping the true essence of the holidays!

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