14+ Useful Trackers and Planners Templates for MS Excel

The word tracking is self-explanatory. It means to capture all the information which is needed to be tracked at a certain point in time. If it is for any promotional event, then it will contain all the information which is related to creating a promotional event.

The date and place of the event are written, the time of the event, the number of people to be invited to the event, all of which are related to having an event planned is mentioned. The template does not let you miss any detail thus minimizing the chances of anything going wrong.

Home-schooling progress record/ tracker

The homeschooling progress record/tracker is a tool with which you are able to measure what your child has achieved during a course of home-schooling. It lets you know as a parent that what your child has learned, what were his accomplishments, what were the resources provided to him for learning, and lastly the progress of your child during the homeschooling period. You can monitor with the results of progress that whether your child was able to achieve below or above average. This will help you know what areas of your child need more or less of your attention.

#1 – Home-School Progress Tracker Report

Blood pressure and glucose tracker

The blood pressure and glucose tracker lets an individual keep track of his blood pressure and glucose level after monitoring it with a specified device. The individual is able to keep a record of his readings for both the criterion. It helps to regulate or deregulate the use of medicine prescribed by the doctor. For instance, that if your blood pressure is constantly dropping which you have seen through your readings then you may need to cut off your medicine. Similarly, if it’s going high then you may need to get your medicine changed by your doctor. The same is the case with glucose, if it’s ok the continue with the prescribed medicine else consult the doctor.

#2 – Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker

Sales lead tracker

Large organizations need to monitor their sales every year to see how successful their business strategies are working for them. The sales lead tracker helps to monitor sales over the years and in the end, the organization can compare its previous year’s sales with its current year’s sales. If the current year sale is more than the previous year then it is recorded in the tracker that by what amount have the sales increase in the current year. If sales continue to grow, then you can better implement your business strategies in a more effective manner in order to achieve even higher results.

#3 – Sales Lead Tracker Template

Cash flow tracker

The cash flow tracker helps organizations to demonstrate their income and expenses incurred over a period of time. It lets organizations know that how the available cash in hand will let them pay off their debts and fund their operating expenses. It triggers a warning that what effect will too much spending have on the organizational cash flows. It lets you demonstrate that whether the cash in hand is being spent effectively or not. It helps measure the difference between the cash inflow and the cash outflow depending on which the organization develops its strategy for effective management of cash.

#4 – Cash-flow Tracker and Planner for MS Excel

Mileage calculator

The mileage calculator helps an individual or people at large know the distance traveled by car either in miles or in kilometers and the time taken to cover that distance irrespective of any traffic hurdle. It helps to calculate the total amount of fuel used by a car based on the price of the fuel. The mileage calculator helps demonstrate that whether the fuel used by the car to cover the distance was an effective use of fuel or not. Did the car use more fuel in covering a small distance or was the amount of fuel used proved to be effective depending on the condition of the car?

#5 – Mileage Calculator/Tracker

Employee attendance tracker

Employee attendance tracker is a tool widely used in organizations today. It helps track the irregularity and regularity of an employee. It helps the organization know which of its employees have been regular to work and which have been irregular. In this way, the organization is able to know that the number of days an employee was present or absent from work. It also helps keep track that whether more employees are being regular to work or not and if a certain group of employees is irregular that is the number of employees who are absent from work.

#6 – Employee Attendance Sheet/Tracker

Car repair tracker

The car repair tracker helps examine the repair and maintenance expenses incurred by either an individual or an organization for the car being used for any purpose. It lets you track the money spent on the repairing of your car and also reflects the history of repair and maintenance of the car. With the help of a tracker, you can examine whether the amount spent on repair is increasing with every repair or it is the same. It also lets you know which items are requiring more maintenance than the others.

#7 – Car Repair Tracker

Fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is used by individuals to monitor their fitness. They manage their fitness by adding or eliminating exercises depending upon their individual target set by them or their fitness instructor. It helps to know which exercises are producing more effective results so that one can continue with it by doing more of it thus giving less time to other exercises. It also lets you know which exercises have helped achieve the desired results in the specific time frame. If more time is required for an exercise, it can be given more time accordingly in order to achieve the desired results.

#8 – Health and Fitness Progress Chart/Tracker

Job candidate’s tracker

There are many applicants who have applied for a particular position in an organization. Once the applications are received, sorting them out with respect to the most suitable candidate for the job becomes the next task. It is a time taking task and if done orally can produce non-effective results. The job candidate tracker helps organizations draw suitable candidates matching with the criterion by the organization thus eliminating chances of mistakes. Once suitable candidates are tracked a list is formed with their names on the list. Suitable candidates are then given a call for an interview so that there is no loss of work.

#9 – Job Candidates Tracker

Event planning tracker

An event planning tracker helps event planners schedule their events in order of dates. It serves as a reminder that lets them know which specific event is to be organized first and which is the last one to be organized. What are the resources deployed for completing a particular event and what are the essentials required to gather for the event? In this way, the event planning companies serve their customers timely without causing any delay. The event is organized on the scheduled date so that if two events are overlapping with respect to the day so the time of the events is managed properly without affecting the other.

#10 – Event Planning Tracker Template

Wedding invitation tracker

A large number of people are invited to a wedding which is a special day for all and on this day no one wants to miss out on any of its loved ones. The wedding invitation tracker helps remember all the invites as the names of all the invites are written so there is no chance of missing anyone. It helps you know who has been invited to the event and who has not been invited. In this way, one avoids double invitation and also sends an invitation to those who have been missed out coincidentally.

#11 – Wedding Invitation Tracker

Wedding budget tracker

In a wedding budget tracker, each individual item necessary to complete the wedding is written out along with the amount to be spent on them individually. The whole wedding budget is allocated amongst these particulars of the wedding remaining in the constraints of the budget. It lets you manage all the expenses within the budget and not overburden yourself. Each category is allocated with a specific budget which is required to manage things effectively. It lets you manage things within the allocated budget and if something is making more money and is thought to be unnecessary then it can be cut off.

#12 – Wedding Budget Planner and Tracker

Fitness progress tracker for women

The fitness progress tracker for women helps track the progress in achieving the desired fitness level of women. It helps demonstrate to them which set of exercises have helped them better achieve their desired results so that more time can be allocated to them. The fitness tracker helps them manage exercises in such a way that can help them better achieve results. Progress is measured by the results that have been achieved with the help of different exercises. If desired results are not achieved within a given time frame, then more effort is made in making the current exercises useful or adding new ones.

#13 – Fitness Progress Tracker for Ladies

Gift Budget and tracker

The gift budget and tracker lets to get gifts for your loved ones remaining in the allocated budget and moreover it does not let you miss out on anyone. Names of the individual whom you wish to gift are written. You make purchases for each of them keeping in mind the amount of money in hand. If by any chance you have bought an expensive gift for someone, which has disturbed your budget it will help you know that. In this way, you will manage the gifts given to others in a much effective manner thus not upsetting the whole idea.

#14 – Gift Budget Planner and tracker

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