14+ Free Romantic Valentines Day Templates for MS Word

Valentine’s day

The ancient Romans are thought of as being responsible behind the name of celebrating love. Emperor Claudius the second killed 2 men, both with the name of Valentine on the 14th of February in the 3rd century A.D. Both men were killed in different years. It is also known as Saint Valentine’s day or the Feast day of Saint Valentine’s.

This day is deemed as the day of love. On this day people spread love amongst their fellows by speaking words that shower love on each other. They appreciate the little things which have been done for them.

Why is Valentine’s day celebrated?

Loveday is celebrated by the catholic church in honor of the martyrdom of the two men by Emperor Claudius. The name is kept in remembrance of two men whose name was Valentine. They are honored by people spreading love in their name.

Valentine’s day card for him

The valentine’s day card for him is written by a girl to a boy or a wife to her husband in order to express love for their partners on this day. They may send them good wishes and acknowledge them for making their world such a good place for them to live in. They pour in their feelings for their partner on this card by having them written for them. They thank them for being with them all the time. On this day all that is said is about love.

#1 – Love Card for Him


#2 – For the Boyfriend


Valentine’s day card for her

The Lover’s day card for her is given by a boy to a girl or a husband to a wife. In this card, the two express their feelings of love for their partners by acknowledging their partner’s love for them. They appreciate their love and care which is reflected in their partner’s work for them. On this day, love is made to reach everyone. If by chance your partner is angry with you, you may send her a valentine’s day card for making them happy and loving you more.

#3 – For Her


#4 – For Girlfriend


Valentine’s day sales Voucher & coupon card

Valentine’s day is made special by different shops by offering sales discounts on the day of love. The discount is offered by the way of distributing various sales coupons among individuals who after showing the sales coupon avail of the discount offer. Through this offer, many individuals shower love on each other by giving them gifts on valentine’s. These are special gifts that are shared with loved ones in order to make them feel special.

It may be a small stuffed toy or a large big toy which you present to each other. It is rather an interesting offer which one should avail on the occasion of Valentine’s. You may also distribute these coupons amongst your loved ones so that they may also get an opportunity to buy gifts for people around them and give them the message of love.

#5 – Valentine’s Day Sales Coupon Card

#6 – Gift Voucher Card Template for Valentine’s Day

Loveday flyer

These are printable sheets that are given to people in public for making them a part of the day of love is celebrated through a big party. The hostname is mentioned in the flyer along with the location and timings for the day. They are usually red in color with beautiful roses all over. Flyers are either distributed by a group of individuals to the public or made available in shops so that people may read them while shopping. Anyone interested in the event may pick up a flyer and go to the big celebration.

#7 – Valentine’s Day Flyer

#8 – Party Flyer

Party invitation cards

Such invitation cards are made or rather designed by individuals for inviting them to either your place or have them invited at another location. You invite your loved ones to celebrate the day by spreading love amongst each other. The date and time of the party are mentioned on the card. The person’s name who is inviting others to the party is written at the top of the card with a special statement of love that invites people to be a part of love celebration day. In this way, people met each other on a single platform and extended ties of love to one another.

#9 – Party Invitation Format

#10 – Dinner Invitation Card


Party event ticket

On this day many people throw a big party by organizing a special event. As the number of people to be invited to the event is large as they may have individuals from the general public who in groups of friends may join the event. Tickets are therefore printed and distributed amongst individuals who show a willingness to join the event. Tickets are made available at a place known to all so that anyone interested does not miss the event. Tickets may be charged for a certain fee to enter the event.

These events are normally organized at a place where the public at large can be gathered easily so that it does not create a hassle. You may either opt for an open location or a closed one depending on how large you want your event to be. People normally invite celebrities over to these events who are requested to say a few words on the occasion of valentines or they may be made to play interesting games organized for the event in order to have fun. These fun-loving games all are backed by interesting gifts. Everyone is given a special gift so that love is felt all over.

11 – Party Event Ticket Design

12 – Event Ticket Format

Lover’s day menu card

When you invite anyone to an event you surely decide on a menu that serves best the people who are invited. Keeping in mind the most favorite thing among individuals, the valentine’s day menu is made. The menu comprises many dishes usually special ones which are made available to people for the day. Love is spread through quality food.  Good taste helps win the hearts of people and on Valentine, the intention is the same as winning the hearts of people through good delicious food. These menu cards also appear in red color with red roses to make them look attractive.

#13 – DL Size Menu Card

#14 – Special Food Menu Card

All these templates are created in MS Word with high-quality vector graphics. This makes it very easy to modify any part of them easily as well as print them on any resolution you want.

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