6+ Free Event Contract Templates with Cover Page Designs

Besides setting out the tables, arranging the décor, managing the venue, and the guests an event planner has a number of responsibilities related to the documentary details, too. When the event planner gets in contact with the client, the services and agreement details are written down properly for both parties to remember and keep as proof. An event contract is where these terms are added in.


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On this page, you can download professionally designed Event Contract formats for Microsoft Word. Each of these formats has a fully customizable, beautiful cover page design.


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What is an event contract?

This is a legal document that reveals the terms and conditions of engagement related to the event and the surrounding details at the time of the contract between an event planner and his client. This helps the event planner chalk out the services package in an explicit manner.

What needs to be added to an event contract?

This must be easy-to-understand, specific, and right according to legal laws and settings. For it to come in accordance with these details, these details must not be missed out:

  • Details related to the client: name, address, and official details
  • Details related to the event planner: name, address, and official details
  • Details related to the services to be provided
  • Payment-related details: how would the payment be made, total charges of the planner and schedule of when would the payment be made.
  • Event description and other details: event date, venue, nature of the event, number of guests, etc.
  • The terms and conditions in case of withdrawal of the agreement between the two parties
  • The terms, conditions, and clauses in case of cancellation of the event for reasons whatsoever
  • Legally binding agreement details
  • Indemnity clauses that are included to protect the rights of the event planner in case of loss, injury, or damage
  • The details of the governing law that rules in this specific situation
  • Any other liabilities or rights that need to be included
  • Signatures of both the parties including the name, signature, date

Do’s and don’ts of an event contract:


  • Simple, frank language
  • Have your plan checked by an attorney
  • Read, re-read, evaluate
  • Understand each and every word of what you’re offering
  • Addition of dispute-related clauses
  • Respecting the client’s privacy (every single time)
  • Putting all the responsibilities on both yourself and the client


  • Having a rigid approach
  • Letting your contract ignore details
  • Having a new, personalized contract, from scratch every single time
  • Trusting the wrong parties with the event planning
  • Not appreciating the uniqueness of each contract each time you have your new client coming up

An event planner does not have to seek professional guidance to have an event plan chalked out, the moment they have their terms and conditions in view this can be done in an easy and convenient manner. however, due diligence must be put in while having the contract made. While most event planners consider it an unnecessary document these days, it is a highly vital document that contains a legal value. Therefore, having a carefully articulated contract will save you from a number of issues.

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