4+ Professional Fitness Schedule Formats for MS Word

No matter how decluttered your life is, getting the hang of scheduling and organization of activities in every part of your life will do wonders for you. Specifically, when you are taking your first baby steps towards fitness to bring your life in a healthy cycle, scheduling can be an inevitability. A well-structured fitness plan will help you just like a mentor or a fitness expert does. Having no clue of which activities to include in your fitness regime will lead to the inadequacy of results for you.

However, it can be still be challenging to manage all of your fitness-to-dos like a pro which can lead to inefficient results, a messy routine, and a workout schedule that’s bringing you no good. Experts, therefore, recommend using a fitness schedule that keeps you accountable for the fitness activities that you indulge in. We have compiled a few key points for you to come up with a successful schedule for your fitness journey.


Download Templates

Down below this section you can find some nicely designed and professionally laid out Workout and Fitness Schedule formats created in Microsoft Word. All of these are fully editable and printable using any regular printer.

#1 – Daily Fitness Schedule Design


#2 – Four Weeks Workout Schedule Template


#3 – Monthly Fitness Training Schedule Format


#4 – Weekly Workout Schedule Template


What are a few things that you cannot miss from adding to your schedule to keep it real and trackable?

  • Time: you might be very active the first week, however, as the time passes by, your motivation levels might shudder resulting to it becoming harder for you to move from that comfortable, cozy couch of yours. It is, therefore, very useful to keep a specific timetable for each activity and push yourself at the same time every day, no matter what!
  • Dates and Days of the week: If you are used to just remembering your fitness activities related to each activity in your brain, you might probably miss out on those activities. You’re a human, after all! Therefore, putting activities for each day in your schedule will help you in moving in a smooth, organized manner.
  • Name and other details of the instructor for each of your fitness activities, if any.
  • Bodyweight after each week: Nothing beats the old-school weight pressure that all of us feel. Knowing that you are or are NOT losing a few kgs after each week’s hard work will certainly keep you on course.
  • Type of workout or activity you will be carrying out: It might be aerobic exercise, strength training, core workouts, or flexibility exercise.
  • The goal or targets you have set
  • Calorie intake per food
  • Food type that you will take during the week, and so on.

What are the benefits of a fitness schedule?

Planning out your fitness regime will increase the output more than double, if not more!

The results are based upon your ability to actively work upon the schedule, keeping it real as well as targeted. It will help you get in shape and fitness for your life to come. Getting into a healthy routine will maximize your productivity, and minimize the chances of falling into depression, and stress.

So, if you’re a fitness freak aiming to begin with your workout pattern, just grab your laptop and choose a template for yourself. You can customize it however you like. Good luck with your strength training.

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