7+ FREE Multi-pages Fashion Lookbook & Catalog Templates

While you’re creating fashion, you’re never only projecting pieces and objects, you’re also giving equal if not more attention to the presentation. Little details and a bit more focus on how you display will make your work look way more impressive.

A timeless presentation will help you leave a bigger impact on your brand and create fashion that stays for a longer time. For conveying your fashion message to the buyers, media, and general public a lookbook can be a solid means.

Download Readymade Templates in MS Word Format


Download below seven professionally designed Fashion Catalog and Lookbook Templates, formatted in Microsoft Word. Each of these is designed with a beautiful Front/Cover Page and nicely laid out inside pages. Every page of these lookbooks is fully personalizable and designed with high-quality vector graphics.

#1 – For Men’s Fashion


#2 – Fashion Lookbook for Women


#3 – Jewelry Catalog


#4 – Photography Catalog


#5 – Fashion Product Catalog


#6 – Store Catalog


#7 – Fashion Lookbook General Design


How are fashion lookbooks a great tool for conveying your fashion creations to the targeted audience?

A lookbook is as synonymous with a physical store of fashion pieces as it can be. You can easily call it a trip to your favorite store or a new place you have just heard of. The only difference is that this trip is in the form of a pictorial collection explained with the aid of textual details. Retailers, celebrities, fashion divas, and buyers today have been depending on lookbooks. These serve as the catalogue that will be the first step towards attracting customers through showcasing the products. Remember, the first introduction of a product for the buyer and from the brand is through this. One should, therefore, not forget to make it impressive.

The process of curating a lookbook begins with that idea fermenting in your brain. The creators are working on a side-by-side formation of catalogues mostly in their heads way before it takes an actual form. It all starts with you presenting that idea to the world out there to catch their interest.

The first stage would be to develop the product based on the idea, design it according to your needs, and then display those. This is where your marketing skills come in, you are effectively sending out your product samples in the market.

How can fashion lookbooks be made impressive?

Buyers begin idealizing the fashion pieces on themselves the moment they see them. How would this pair of glasses make me look chic? Would this top go with the blue pair of jeans I own? Or how do I carry this bag?

It is as if you are directly asking questions and the designer is answering those through the lookbook. By providing a portrayal of their samples on models through photographs they ease your problems. It becomes next level easy for you to imagine how that piece can be styled.

A fashion lookbook is an inventory that can be branded in the best manner by working on the following few points. These can help strengthen the marketing and increase your product’s rating:

The aesthetic look:

All of us would like to agree that lookbooks are all about making them pleasing to the eyes of the onlooker. The more beautiful, unique, and exceptional you make your work look, the better the reach. This overall appearance will only be cutting-edge through top-notch photography. People from the fashion industry are designing models and props and capturing them in manners like never before for a better impression of their brands.

The connection between content:

It’s all about flow and consistency in the catalog that will make it convenient for the buyer to keep turning the pages to learn more and more. It runs in the form of a story, showing various aspects and helping you add stuff to your wish list.

Additional things to do:

Imagine entering a room full of mannequins and fashion objects. Would you prefer having some straight images thrown to your face with no description whatsoever?! Or would you like to see a lookbook that begins with a nice, trendy title page, a good color tone, an apt text font, and compelling language that makes you believe them in no time?! Fashion catalogs must be brewed keeping a very smart formula in mind. These must drive your mind in such a manner that you are almost pushed to like the products. The imagery, the reasons, and the features must make you order those asap.

Can you design a fashion lookbook while sitting on your laptop?

With our templates, you can easily get a digital or a hard fashion lookbook designed keeping your needs and likes in mind. The possibilities are endless, you can Add the images you have got, add appropriate descriptions, and use a persuasive tone. Your personalized catalogs are ready!

Remember, people never knew of Gucci and Louis Vuitton before they were introduced to these through what we now know as lookbooks. Are you ready to launch your fashion products too?! then work on your catalogue creation today!

Helpful Video Tutorial

Watch the video below to see How to Design a Cover Page in MS Word


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