22+ Best Free Raffle Ticket Designs & Formats for MS Word

Let me try to explain Raffle Ticket with an easy, day-to-day example. Have you ever been to a carnival, a season fest, or a school gathering that has stalled with the title “raffle”?

You might remember purchasing numbered tickets from them in the hope to win prizes at the end. The prizes might include those squishy bears or intriguing toys on display that every child wants, hence attracting them to the raffle stalls.


A raffle is a contest or competition that allows participants to buy tickets to avail themselves of a chance to win prizes. The tickets sold are used for fund-raising money for charity or other philanthropic purposes, mostly. After all of these have been sold, a lucky draw is conducted to determine which of the ticket holders receives the winning number. Raffle tickets can also be called “lottery tickets.”

Download Raffle Ticket Templates for Microsoft Word

On this page, you can find the best-ever created Raffle Ticket Formats, designed in MS Word with vector graphics and shapes. Customizing these formats is so easy that a person with average knowledge of Microsoft Word can do this easily.


Cash Prize

Cash Prize Raffle Ticket Template for MS Word

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Charity Event

Charity Event Raffle Ticket Format for MS Word


Funfair Design

Download Funfair Raffle Ticket Design for Microsoft Word


Music Event

Music Event Raffle Ticket - MS Word Template


Generic Format

Generic Raffle Ticket Format for MS Word


For Shopping Center

MS Word Raffle Ticket Design for Shopping Center


Valentine’s Day Draw

Valentine's Day Draw Raffle Ticket Design for MS Word


Baby Shower



BBQ Evening



Bar-be-Q Party



Baseball Raffle Ticket



Christmas Raffle Ticket






Holiday Design






Raffle Movie Ticket





School Raffle Ticket



Sports Raffle Ticket



Vintage Raffle Ticket



Wedding Raffle Ticket


Reasons behind a raffle:

Small and medium Non-profit organizations keep looking for activities to pay back for the services of society in return. Organizing a raffle event is one such activity. These can be sold while expecting a high-profit return. In addition, the size of the gift can be adjusted depending on the resources that you have. If another organization sponsors your raffle activity the cost becomes almost nil for your organization.

What information must be there on a raffle ticket?

It actually has two sides, one: the stub side, and two: the backside. The stub side contains most of the vital information such as:

  • The name and other details of the organization/organizing body
  • Organization’s name and logo
  • The name and other details of the event
  • Address and phone number
  • List of the prizes that will be provided along with complete details
  • Lucky draw date
  • Cost of the ticket
  • Unique ticket number
  • Optional details such as website link (if any).
  • Name and other details of the sponsor
  • Date of ticket closing, etc.

Ticket details:

It is usually 143mm X 50mm in size and is perforated from both sides. It can be printed on plastic, cardboard, or paper and is usually printed with bright colors but can also be made from blue and white ink colors only.

The size and cost of the raffle tickets can vary depending upon a number of factors such as the cost of the prize. If the cost of the ticket is more, it is likely that the gift will be expensive too. A lot of times, famous organizations and companies donate raffle items to fund-raising organizations. This brings double benefits to both the event organizers and the company. 

Prizes that can be earned from raffle tickets:

The prizes might vary from cash money, to travel tickets, sports tickets, restaurant vouchers, movie night tickets, toys, stuff toys, stationery items, etc.

Alongside the charity raising, these also attract people to your business, raise the popularity of your company, and promotional benefits. some businesses also conduct raffles every once in a while, for their loyal customer. The word-of-mouth associated with your raffle event will surely bring more customers to your business and raise money too.

Video Tutorial

Watch Video: How to do Event Ticket Design in MS Word | DIY Tutorial

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