7+ Best Ticket Templates in MS Word – Free & Editable

When you plan to conduct an event, you probably do not realize in the beginning how challenging and tough would this turn out to be. Even if you’re a newbie or an expert at event planning, the entire process is more arduous than you thought it was. This is when you feel like using marketing tools to ease the process for you. Ticket is recognized as one of the primary tools that come in handy.

“Ticket is a token, or voucher made of paper or card, that gives a certain kind of rights to its holder. The right might be to allow someone to travel somewhere, enter a certain area, or avail services/facilities related to any place.” Tickets are known as a marketing tool that helps event organizers gain several benefits.

A ticket might be of many kinds. A few commonly used tickets include event tickets, exhibition tickets, museum tickets, concert tickets, cinema tickets, parking tickets, amusement park tickets, etc.

Download Ticket Templates

Find below a Ticket format that best fits your needs in order to create a Ticket from the list of seven ready-made ticket templates. All of these tickets are designed in MS Word at a size of 5.63” x 1.97”.

#1 – Event Ticket Template

Awesome Event Ticket Template for MS Word

Video Tutorial: Watch the video below to see how to design the above Event Ticket Design in Microsoft Word.

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrwPqLJPwms

#2 – Exhibition Ticket Format

Beautiful Exhibition Ticket Format in MS Word

#3 – Concert Ticket Template

Nicely Designed Concert Ticket Sample for MS Word

#4 – Ticket Template for Amusement Park

MS Word Ticket Template for Amusement Park

#5 – Museum Ticket Sample

Museum Ticket Sample for Microsoft Word

#6 – Cinema Ticket Format

Editable Cinema Ticket Format - MS Word

#7 – Simple yet Professional Parking Ticket Template

Simple yet Professional Parking Ticket Template for MS Word

Benefits of tickets for the event organizers:

Tickets for event organizers are way more than a source of event promotion only. These help them get an idea of the number of attendees that they can expect at their event. This will prove vital in helping them pre-plan their resources for the day. This includes planning how many seats, plates, glasses, and gift hampers, etc. that they are going to need. This results in accurate management and prevents mishaps.

In addition, the rules and codes related to the event can be provided to the attendees in hard form. This will help the organizers in communicating the vital information beforehand. The customers that enjoy your ticketing system are very likely to become future associates too and this will lead to better marketing for your upcoming events.

Benefits of tickets for the customers:

While you’re planning on attending your favorite cricket match, the first thought to hit you will be to grab your ticket. Why? There are several reasons why:

  1. A Ticket make you entitled to service/products/facilities
  2. These are a solid proof of your fee payment that makes you enjoy hassle-free services
  3. Tickets make the organizing party bound to provide you the entry/services and their inability to do so makes them capable of being sued
  4. Most of the time tickets make you stand out from those who haven’t gotten hold of their tickets by making you entitled to discount rates/offers/sales/special services, etc.

Where can tickets be acquired from?

After the announcement of an event, tickets are made available either on specialized stalls/booths or online for the customers to buy.

Meanwhile, event organizers can use many ticketing software to create tickets for their events or download a variety of templates available online.

What details do tickets contain?

  • Name, date, venue, timings, and other details of the event
  • Amount to be paid
  • Barcode and serial number
  • Seating details
  • Event/Company logo

So, the next time you plan on going to an event you might not want to keep your ticket secure because these come up with benefits you otherwise might not get!

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