7+ Free Movie Ticket Design Templates Online

In this era of Netflix, one might think going to cinemas for movies is yesterday’s thing. While that might be true for some but most people still enjoy going to cinemas. So, we are safe to say that there are two kinds of people, one who prefers to watch Netflix or Online Movies and the others who go to the cinema. But, watching movies is everyone’s favorite sport. As it is not only a great way to spend some quality time with one’s friends and family but also extremely entertaining.

And that is because we can easily relate to the characters, emotions, songs, actors, and stories of movies, all these elements together make it a pleasant experience. The movie genre is vast. You can choose your pick from action to sci-fi to comedy to romance to drama, and many more depending on your liking. Movies are also a great way to bond with people. This is why we suggest you buy your favorite movie tickets and take someone on a movie date.

Download Movie Ticket Templates


On this page, you can download a number of ticket templates absolutely free which are designed for different types of movies. All these designs are prepared in Microsoft Word so that you can easily use them without the help of any designer and print your own custom movie ticket.

Action Movie Ticket


Cartoon Movie Ticket


Christmas Movie Ticket


Date Night Movie Ticket


Movie Theater Ticket Design


Best Ticket for any Type of Movie


School Movie Ticket Design


What is a movie ticket and what is it used for?

A movie ticket is an official rectangular piece of paper that is bought to watch a movie; it allows you to enter the cinema house or theatre. Every movie has a different ticket and it is usually priced differently as well. Generally, everyone can afford to buy a regular ticket. You can either buy tickets online or at the cinema. Interestingly, this gives us another division of people, ones who buy online and the others who buy at the cinema. Prices though remain the same, whether you decide to buy them online or at the cinema.

What consists of a movie ticket?

Usually, it is not fancy-looking paper but rather a simple piece of paper with the logo of the movie camera or sometimes a picture of a bucket of popcorn drawn on it. It has details about the movie screening printed on it. It has the following information:

  • Movie name
  • Cinema house or theatre name
  • Date and time of screening
  • Row and seat number
  • Hall or cinema room number
  • Terms and conditions
  • Type and cost of the ticket
  • Number of people allowed
  • Evening or morning session
  • Bar code

What are some categories of movie tickets?

Every cinema house has different types of tickets depending on the deals, seating arrangement, and prices. Ticket prices also vary on weekdays and weekends. However, some common types are as follows.

  • Economy or standard
  • Family
  • Advanced Screening
  • Premium or executive
  • Gold
  • Platinum

What are some benefits of Using a Ready-made Movie Ticket

  • Saves time
  • You don’t have to design it from scratch
  • Saves money as you might have to hire a designer to do this
  • Easy to do, only a few clicks away
  • Easily printable at your doorsteps
  • The biggest advantage is that you can get your desirable at your convenient time-frame

Helpful Video Tutorial

Watch a couple of video tutorials below to see how to design a Ticket in MS Word

How to Design an Event Ticket in MS Word


How to Design a Raffle Ticket in Microsoft Word


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