6+ Free Editable Report Card Templates in MS Word

We all remember those “ever-dreaded” result days or annual meetings, that were usually conducted so as to hand the student’s performance document (the report card) to his/her parents. For some it might be a source of accomplishment and success, while for others might be a message, they weren’t ready to receive!

These are also known as Result cards or Progress reports have for a very long time acted as the primary mean of communication between the child’s school and their parents. These are no longer simply about stating grades and marks! Report cards these days are a detailed written record of a pupil’s curricular performance over a specified period of time. Besides the oral communication between the parents and the teachers, result cards are efficient means of providing a “legal” documentary record of their child’s performance. These are great for presenting the educational success of a student.

Download Templates

Download below six professionally designed Sample Report Card Templates with awesome designs and layouts in Microsoft Word. All of these are completely editable and printable on a US-Letter size paper.

#1 – Printable Student Result Card Format


#2 – Best Template for High School

#3 – Colorful Preschool Design

#4 – Daily Progress Report

#5 – Weekly Academic Progress Report Format

#6 – Exclusive Folded (Two Fold) Style

Front/Outer Side View

Back/Inner Side View

Actual View

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What is a good report card?

A good report while providing grades of student performance in the form of letters A, B, C, D, E, F, also provides a separate section for the child’s skills. It states the abilities of the students when it comes to their motor, social, and behavior skills. Another section is dedicated to the teacher’s comments, that in a conversational manner put what the teacher has concluded about the student in a particular study period.

The periods of presenting reports differ from monthly to bimonthly to biannual or annual. These are periodically present a teacher’s evaluation of student’s progress in various courses as well as in general and. A good format must be well-developed, consistent, demonstrative, and concise, and contains vital parts such as school contact, grade scale, class, comments, assessment, attendance, skills, etc.

The old-school way of “grading” students into categories is being questioned by many child psychologists and academic experts, lately. Specialists are aiming to question if this is helpful or deteriorative for the students. The pros and cons of these will be explored below:

What are the advantages of conventional report cards?

Providing solid grades for children is a convenient way of presenting what the teacher feels about them. The parents can easily understand where their child stands academically, and what areas need to be worked upon. This also helps students analyze themselves and determine their future actions.

The conventional grading scheme has been found to be an efficient way of mapping one’s progress, making students “do good” the next time and achieve higher grades leading to healthy competition.

What are the disadvantages of conventional report cards?

The grading might display itself as highly biased. Teachers might grade students based on individual performance or in comparison. Grades can additionally be never deemed as the “ultimate” criteria of defining a child’s progress. A student might have grasped the material taught but might be unable to deliver it in the same way, making grades a “subjective” method leading to students doubting themselves.

Therefore, alternative “Checklist” report cards are better for displaying performance, making it easier to judge student’s growth.

Video Tutorials

You can also find some very informative tutorials on our YouTube channel to see how easy it is to create a Result Card in MS Word.

Tutorial 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPnU33TltHo

Tutorial 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3j_ii29SLU

Tutorial 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIQifL80qUo

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