5+ Best Free Certificate of Achievement Templates in MS Word

On this Page: You can find professionally designed, best yet Free Certificate of Achievement designs & formats. These certificate samples are designed in Microsoft Word with high-quality SVG images, Shapes, and vector graphics. This makes these templates fully customizable to manage contents, images, colors, placement of objects.

Certificate of Achievement Templates in Word

Download below five templates to help you create your own, customized, and printable achievement certificate in just a few minutes in Microsoft Word.

#1 – Beautiful Certificate of Academic Achievement


#2 – Exclusive Training Program Certificate of Achievement Format

Exclusive Training Program Certificate of Achievement Format in Word

#3 – Student Achievement Certificate Sample

Student Achievement Certificate Sample in Microsoft Word

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#4 – Amazing Sports Achievement Certificate Template

Amazing Sports Achievement Certificate Template for MS Word

#5 – Professional Certificate of Achievement Template for Employee

Professional Certificate of Achievement Template for Employee in MS Word 

What are Certificates of Achievement?

Certificates of achievement are awarded to individuals upon reaching a milestone, showing exceptional performance, attained a particular proficiency, or stood out in a course, or achieved success in a momentous performance at the workplace.

Certificates of achievement are one way of recognizing someone’s accomplishment or awarding him/her with recognition in the form of a document. These certificates are usually awarded to a group of people at the same time, such as students enrolled in a crash course or a summer internship program. Certificates of achievement are also an effective way of appreciating one’s work that results in the lifting up of self-esteem, motivation, and morale. These are awarded from schools, colleges, higher education institutions as well as vocational institutes.

Are certificates of achievement and degree the same?

Certificates of achievement must not be confused with degrees or diplomas rather are formal awarding documents that are handed over at the completion of a degree or a course. These can be awarded from smaller institutions as incentives or rewards or as a paper that provides one with the proof of completion of a milestone.

You can easily find a variety of templates on the internet and might easily come across prepared certificates that can be bought easily. However, what makes these certificates legit is the signing or awarding authority.

Types of certificates of achievement:

These might be in the form of legally valid documents that can be produced to prove a point such as completion of a requirement. The professional teaching degrees also award these certificates that are required while applying as a teacher. You might also get one upon completing your community work, volunteering activity, or internship. Various informal groups such as knitting clubs, book forums, driving classes, or gardening programs, etc. are likely to grant their members/participants with these.

Do certificates of achievement guarantee you a job?

Formal and career-related certificates are very likely to help you with the attainment of the job when made a part of your resume, whereas informal and non-academic certificates are most probably useless for you.  For example, while applying for an HR job, mentioning your sewing and embroidery award will merely be a joke. Therefore, it is important that only those achievements are put on the CV that has been asked for in the job description or is valuable for your professional practice.

Benefits of certificates of achievement:

  • Appropriate and related certificates of achievement can decorate your resume
  • These can add up to people’s skills and expertise section
  • Motivate individuals to take part in or join different courses, clubs, forums, etc.
  • Motivate people to never stop learning and encourage continuous education
  • Help individuals attach worth and value with the certificate awarding authority

What is included on certificates of achievement?

  • Name of the certificate holder
  • Details of the achievement/landmark
  • Details of the score gained
  • Duration in months, weeks, and hours
  • Date of certificate-granting
  • Logo/signature of the institution/organization

Certificates of achievement sample wording:

The participant ___ is, hereby awarded this certificate of achievement in ___ course on ___ date for their outstanding performance. He/she proved to be a great asset for the company.

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