6+ Free Printable Certificate of Appreciation Templates for MS Word

Before you scroll down, let us tell you that on this page you can download six professionally designed Certificate of Appreciation templates & Formats for Microsoft Word. These are fully customizable and printable. All you have to do is to modify these with your own information and your certificate is ready!

What are Certificates of Appreciation?

Certificates of appreciation are special and tailored documents that are created by institutions, companies, or individuals in order to recognize the achievements of the employees or staff members that have worked for them. It is a highly valued gesture to identify someone’s services.

For years and years, certificates of appreciation have been kept close to one’s heart owing to the worth and remembrance that these have attached to them. Visiting your grandfather’s study, you might have noticed framed, beautifully kept “pieces of paper” hung on the walls. What makes these pieces of paper valuable is the source these were awarded from and the memories attached with them.

While salary and bonus are the real motivating factors for an individual working for a cause, appreciation certificates awarded at the end of a project, job, or term might act as another huge inspiration. It helps employees attach feelings to the work they did, and boosts them for the future.

What are the benefits of Certificates of Appreciation?

For organizations to go next notch and leave a positive impact on the employees, certificates of appreciation can serve as extraordinary tools. While the employees would keep these near and dear to them, the company is highly likely to achieve sublime results. Holding a small ceremony, and awarding easily created customized certificated to employees might not be a very big deal for you, but would leave a huge imprint on the employees who would leave the ceremony with hearts full and morale high.

These help act as positive reinforcement and strengthen the bond between the employer and the workers and help them establish self-esteem that helps them work better in the times to come. It has been observed that organizations, where employees are recognized and awarded for their performance, are probable to go a long way.

Are certificates of appreciation “Awards”?

Certificates of appreciation in actuality are awards that are used for appreciating a person’s performance or extraordinary work. This might be on part of the boss for expressing his contentment and gratitude for the employee’s work, or for helping the employee gain satisfaction and pride in the work they do and the organization they work for.

What should be put in a Certificate of Appreciation?

  • A title or heading such as:

“Certificate of Appreciation” / “Certificate of Excellence” / “Award of Admiration”, “Award Certificate” / “Certificate of Excellent Performance” / “Certificate of Remarkable achievement”, etc.

  • A phrase or line saying:

“is hereby awarded to_____” / “is presented to______.

               and the name of the employee and the awarder

  • Description of what is the certificate meant for:

in recognition of ____” / “for excellent performance at___.”

  • Date of award
  • Official seal, stamp, or signature

How should a Certificate of Appreciation be worded?

In order to make the certificate of appreciation official, it is recommended to use formal and polite wording following the organization’s guidelines. Templates, or procedures. The assigning authority’s name must not be missed and it is better to stick by the conventional certificate sentence structures.

Download Certificate of Appreciation Templates

Find below the download links and preview images of six designs & Formats.

#1 – Certificate of Appreciation for Business


#2 – Employee/Staff Certificate of Appreciation

Employee/Staff Certificate of Appreciation in MS Word

#3 – Certificate of Appreciation for Customer

#4 – School Certificate of Appreciation

#5 – Certificate of Appreciation for Student

#6 – Awesome Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer

Awesome Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer for MS Word

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