10+ Useful Lesson Plan Templates for Teachers – [Word]

Welcome to this page, where you’ll discover 10 beautifully crafted lesson plan templates that teachers like you will find incredibly handy. What’s great is that these templates aren’t just easy to customize; you can also print them effortlessly using any standard printer you have at your disposal.

What is a Lesson Plan?

While a teacher expects students to come up with their homework every day, a lesson plan is an instructor/teacher’s “homework” and guide on how the daily class activities will be structured. It facilitates what students need to learn and how it can be delivered and managed by the teacher.

Every teacher no matter what field he/she is from requires a lesson plan as a strategic roadmap that helps him dive through the day while organizing and planning the teaching, learning, and feedback activities in advance.

Why does a teacher need to prepare a Lesson Plan?

While it is imperative for every student to come to the class each day with a bit of the previous, background knowledge and content acquaintance, it is equally vital for the facilitator to have identified the learning objectives, beforehand. A lesson plan is a work plan that helps the teacher enter the class with more confidence and effective strategies in mind, ensures a meaningful class experience between the students and the teacher, and also involves gaining feedback by the end.

It can be said, that a lesson plan is required for a teacher to not randomly tackle the class with a lost mind. All of us need a bit of pre-planning before any task; teaching is one of the most crucial activities that cannot go along without careful construction of goals for what needs to be taught. It also includes the activities required to achieve goals and calculating the success of your goals in the form of pupils’ feedback.

What does a Lesson Plan include?

 A lesson plan includes:

1. Pre-learning Planning:

Before coming to the class, you need to clarify your objectives and plan class activities, assessments, and the arrangement of these. It also includes mapping the requirements of the class, resources required, procedures to be employed, and evaluation techniques to be used. The teacher needs to divide his/her time in the class into a realistic and achievable timetable that chalks out how much time will be given to each activity. The lesson conclusion needs to be designed to evaluate what the lesson accomplished, introduce the next lesson, clear misunderstandings, if any, and present a round-up of the session.

2. Mid-learning Delivery:

Presenting the planned content in an effective manner to ensure that the students stay engaged in the class and provide meaningful assessment and feedback.

3. Post-learning Reflection:

This helps the teacher assess the effectiveness of her objectives, critically evaluate his/her lesson presentation, judge what went wrong, and fix it for the future.

Watch the short video below to learn How to make Student Progress Report in MS Word

What should an effective lesson plan look like?

A successful lesson plan is not the one that ends up achieving it all, rather is the one that makes sure the class includes meaningful learning experiences between the students and the facilitator. SMART goals need to be set!

A lesson plan should have these components:

  • Lesson Objectives
  • Engagement Activities
  • Teaching-learning aids
  • Content to be taught
  • Time and other requirements
  • Assessment and summative reflection

Printable Lesson Plan Templates for MS Word

Find below 10 lesson plan templates along with their preview images and download links.

#1 – Active Learning Lesson Plan

#2 – Generic Lesson Plan Format

#3 – Kindergarten Daily Lesson Plan Sample

#4 – Lesson Plan Format for Well-Planned and Structured Lessons

#5 – Lesson Plan Template

#6 – Lesson Plan Sample with Assessment & Reflection

#7 – Lesson Plan Format with Detailed Prompts Primary and Secondary

#8 – Sample Lesson Plan Template

#9 – Secondary Lesson Plan Performa

#10 – Weekly Lesson Plan Template

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