8+ Free Sports Certificate Design Ideas for MS Word

Sports certificates are awarded to individuals for their participation, achievement, or expertise in the field of sport or a particular sports event such as a match or a tournament. These are meant to recognize and validate the participation or accomplishment of an individual, a group, or a team and are made a part of the curriculum vitae in a few countries where you might be given the chance to add to the list of sport merits you have earned. This helps one get the benefits and stand-out among the rest.

In addition, a few colleges and universities that focus on extra-curricular activities prefer students who have a better sport achievement record at the time of their admission. Therefore, these can be deemed an important part of an individual’s academic and professional growth and development.


Download Templates

Download professionally designed Sports Certificate formats for Microsoft Word, created with high-quality images and vector graphics for absolutely free of cost. All of these are designed with 11″ width and 8.5″ height.

#1 – Achievement


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#2 – Fitness

Best Sports Fitness Certificate Format

#3 – Excellence

Professional Sports Certificate of Excellence

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#4 – Participation

Sports Participation Certificate Format

#5 – Training

Certificate of Sports Training Template

#6 – Swimming

Swimming Sports Certificate Design

#7 – Appreciation

Sports Certificate of Appreciation Template for MS Word

#8 – Award

Sports Award Certificate Format for Microsoft Word

How do we structure a sports certificate?

While at the designing stage you might want to keep the following points in mind:

  • Name of the sport event or activity
  • Name of the individual to whom it is being awarded
  • The detail of the person’s accomplishment
  • Details of the organizer’s name
  • Details of the organizing company’s event (such as the Stamp/seal, and logo)

How should the statements of a sport certificate be structured?

Just like most of the other achievement certificates, these too have a bold, easy-to-read and clear heading saying “Certificate of Participation/Achievement.” It comes before or after the name of the tournament or the event for the person is being awarded (such as the Annual Soccer Championship 2021). Next comes the official wording that states something like:

This certificate is awarded to NAME OF THE PARTICIPANT/ACHIEVER for participating, or for securing a prize/position in the XYZ event held on the 12th of January 2021 in the national Soccer ground, LMN city.

Following the word is the date when the ceremony for award-giving will be conducted to clearly state the period.

Then, the name of the awarding person is given along with the signature, stamp, or seal beside the details of the awarding organization.

What are the graphic requirements of a sport certificate?

Besides the textual and organization-related aspects, the visual representation is of chief importance too. How formally or casually do you plan to design your certificate will give a prompt idea of the type of your sports event. Keeping the colors and the outline as simple and decent as possible will leave the best impression. The text must be segregated and easy to differentiate between.

The size of the text must be increased or decreased based on how important it is, for example, the name of the participant/achiever or the name of the event must be highlighted. This will help get the details right on the first glimpse. Bombarding the certificate with too many colors or designs will present how carelessly has the design been planned. It is highly recommended to go through a few sports certificate design and format templates such as provided here on the website.

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