22+ Free Christmas Gift Vouchers & Certificate Templates

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “Christmas?!” Joy, celebration, partying, and above all expecting and giving gifts away. A large part of Christmas celebrations is about collecting ideas, preparing and buying gifts, and then presenting them to your loved ones in the most unique way possible.

However, with times changing, people have begun shifting from expensive, preferably distinctive gifts to emotionally valuable gift vouchers. The worth attached to these is the same, the sentiments of the same level, all that’s changed over the years is the effort you have to put in.


Download Gift Vouchers & Certificate Templates for Christmas in Microsoft Word Format

On this page, you can download gift vouchers and certificate templates specifically designed for Christmas and New Year. All of these are formatted in MS Word with Christmas-oriented high-quality graphics that make them very easy to print.













































How can one make Christmas gift vouchers as worthy as possible?

“A Christmas gift voucher is worthless!”, said no one ever. All that matters is the loved one has put in, the energy one has invested, and the beautiful notes that have been added. You can choose online templates, create one on your own, or also make a quick market trip to purchase a ready-made one.

You can choose simple vouchers and add all the pomp you wish to add, or take a simply versed one and write your heart out by putting beautiful words. The passion you have attached is sure to make the right place in the receiver’s heart. Online templates are not boring, all you need is to customize them according to the personality, liking, and connection that you have with the person you’re sending the voucher to.

Are Christmas gift vouchers or certificates valuable even in today’s fast world?

No matter how tech-centered the world gets, there is nothing that beats a nice paragraph written out of love to express how much you value the other person. You can read out what you’ve written on the Christmas table or at the Christmas eve gathering to express your love. Your nicely written note can make your childhood friend’s cheek blush, your partner’s heart race, and your parent’s eyes teary. It is the emotions that count, right?!

What nice headings can one add to the Christmas gift certificate?

The boldest headings on top or middle of the certificate can vary from the most typical lines to unique ones. Your wording can be coded, secretive, humorous, or passionate. Here are a few sentences that can help you begin carving a nice gift certificate:

  • Merry Christmas and a happy new year
  • A “special” gift for the most “special” one
  • Christmas gift for someone who values me a trillion times
  • The best words I could find for the best person there is
  • A special holiday surprise for my dearest

After the main heading comes the following headings in most of the cases:

  • Who is the gift entitled to
  • Name of the sender
  • Signature
  • Special written note

What designs are suitable for Christmas vouchers?

Just according to your nature and personality, you can choose to customize the vouchers just the way you like. It can be colorful and Christmassy with cute little Santa, reindeer, Christmas lights, trees, and jingle bells. If you like keeping it simple you can add lesser tones, and focus on the words mostly. It’s all about the way you like it.

Helpful Video Tutorial

Watch this video below to see How to Design a Christmas Gift Certificate in MS Word

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