22+ Free Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Christmas is the magical time of year when joy fills the air, and hearts brim with anticipation. What better way to embrace the festive spirit than by giving and receiving heartfelt gifts? But hold on to your jingle bells because we’ve got something truly special for you! Imagine having the power to share the warmth of Christmas with your loved ones, not just through presents, but through beautifully crafted Christmas Gift Certificates. And here’s the best part – we’re offering you a sleigh-load of 22 extraordinary templates, all wrapped up in the convenience of MS Word. Ready to unwrap the holiday magic? Scroll down and discover your perfect gift, the one that’ll light up faces and spread the Christmas cheer!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “Christmas?!” Joy, celebration, partying, and above all expecting and giving gifts away. A large part of Christmas celebrations is about collecting ideas, preparing and buying gifts, and then presenting them to your loved ones in the most unique way possible.

However, with times changing, people have begun shifting from expensive, preferably distinctive gifts to emotionally valuable gift vouchers. The worth attached to these is the same, the sentiments of the same level, all that’s changed over the years is the effort you have to put in.


Download Gift Certificate Templates for Christmas in Microsoft Word Format

On this section below, you can download gift certificates and gift voucher templates specifically designed for Christmas and New Year. All of these are formatted in MS Word with Christmas-oriented high-quality graphics that make them very easy to print.











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Unlock the Magic of Christmas Gifting

The holiday season is all about spreading joy and creating unforgettable memories. Christmas gift certificates and templates offer a world of creative possibilities for both individuals and businesses. Here are some inspired ideas:

  • Thoughtful Gifting: Customize them to express your love and appreciation in a unique way. They’re more than just paper – they’re tokens of heartfelt sentiment.
  • Endless Shopping Possibilities: Businesses can offer a diverse array of products and services, from spa treatments to gourmet dining experiences.
  • Creative Presentations: Pair these with homemade treats or unique ornaments for a truly memorable gift.
  • Family Bonds: Strengthen family ties with “Family Adventure Day” experiences or cozy “Movie Night In” surprises.
  • Employee Recognition: Boost morale by using them as incentives or rewards to acknowledge hardworking employees.
  • Last-Minute Savior: When time is short, print one, add a festive touch, and you’re ready with a thoughtful present.
  • Festive Decor: Get creative with decorations! Hang them on your tree, create garlands, or use them as charming table centerpieces for holiday gatherings.

This holiday season, let your imagination run wild with Christmas gifting and make every gift a memorable one.

How can one Make a Christmas Gift Certificate as Worthy as Possible?

“A Christmas gift certificate is worthless!”, said no one ever. All that matters is the loved one has put in, the energy one has invested, and the beautiful notes that have been added. You can choose online templates, create one on your own, or make a quick market trip to purchase a ready-made one.

You can choose simple certificates and add all the pomp you wish to add, or take a simply versed one and write your heart out by putting beautiful words. The passion you have attached is sure to make the right place in the receiver’s heart. Online templates are not boring, all you need is to customize them according to the personality, liking, and connection that you have with the person you’re sending it to.

Are Christmas Gift Certificates Valuable Even in Today’s Fast World?

No matter how tech-centered the world gets, there is nothing that beats a nice paragraph written out of love to express how much you value the other person. You can read out what you’ve written on the Christmas table or at the Christmas Eve gathering to express your love. Your nicely written note can make your childhood friend’s cheek blush, your partner’s heart race, and your parent’s eyes teary. It is the emotions that count, right?!

When you blend these heartfelt sentiments with the practicality of gift certificates, what you get is a holiday gift that truly shines. Let’s find out some key reasons why Christmas gift certificates continue to hold immense value:

  • Connecting Through Feelings: When you include a heartfelt message with a special holiday gift, it lets you express your emotions in a way that technology can’t match. Sharing a personal message adds a warm touch.
  • Festive Togetherness: Think about how nice it is to share your heartfelt message during a Christmas dinner or a festive gathering. It’s a moment that brings people closer and makes the holiday season even more joyful.
  • Leaving a Lasting Impression: The words on a holiday gift have the power to create lasting memories and bring out various feelings, like happiness or nostalgia, making the gift truly unique.
  • Personalized for Them: These gifts give you a chance to tailor your message to what the person really likes. Whether it’s for a friend, partner, or parent, you can express your feelings in a way that really means something to them.
  • Easy Way to Show You Care: In today’s busy world, these gifts make it simple to show you care without the stress of traditional shopping. They help you connect without the extra fuss.
  • Lots of Options: You’ll find all kinds of choices for these gifts, so you can pick something that matches exactly what the person enjoys, whether it’s an experience, a product, or a service.
  • From the Heart: Above all, what truly matters is the real feelings behind the gift. Whether it’s a heartfelt note or a beautifully designed present, it’s the thought and love you put into it that makes it really special.

So, even in today’s fast-paced world, holiday gifts like these are a wonderful way to keep the holiday spirit alive and share your feelings with those you care about most.

What Nice Headings can one add to the Christmas Gift Certificate?

The boldest headings on top or middle of the certificate can vary from the most typical lines to unique ones. Your wording can be coded, secretive, humorous, or passionate. Here are a few sentences that can help you begin carving a nice gift certificate:

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  • A “special” gift for the most “special” one
  • Christmas gift for someone who values me a trillion times
  • The best words I could find for the best person there is
  • A special holiday surprise for my dearest
  • A Winter Wonderland of Wishes
  • Gleeful Greetings for the Festive Season
  • A Token of Yuletide Joy
  • To Share the Magic of Christmas
  • A Present for Your Heart’s Delight
  • Embrace the Spirit of Giving
  • For a Season Filled with Smiles
  • A Joyful Gift for You
  • Sending Warmth and Wonder Your Way
  • The Gift of Merry Memories

Following the main heading, you can typically find the following headings:

  • Who is the gift entitled to
  • Name of the sender
  • Signature
  • Special written note
  • A Dose of Christmas Cheer
  • Season’s Greetings with Love
  • Wrapped Up in Warmth
  • A Little Something to Brighten Your Day
  • To Make Your Christmas Merry and Bright
  • A Bundle of Holiday Happiness
  • In the Spirit of Giving
  • With Love and Best Wishes
  • A Gift from the Heart
  • For You, This Christmas Season

What Designs Are Suitable for Christmas Certificates?

When you dive into the world of Christmas certificates, there’s no limit to how you can make them your own. It’s all about showcasing your unique style and what makes you, well, you! So, here’s a bunch of cool ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Festive Frenzy: Get into the holiday groove with lively designs that practically shout ‘Christmas’! Think of cute Santa Claus illustrations, prancing reindeer, twinkling Christmas lights, cozy snow-covered trees, and the joyful jingle of bells. These elements can turn your certificate into a true festive masterpiece.
  • Elegantly Simple: If you lean towards a more refined look, simplicity is your friend. Go for fewer colors and let the words steal the spotlight. A classic mix of red and green paired with elegant fonts can whisk you away to the timeless charm of the season.
  • Winter Wonderland: Picture the magic of a winter wonderland with icy blues, delicate snowflakes, and serene wintry scenes. This design choice captures the tranquil beauty of a snowy Christmas day.
  • Gifts Galore: Sprinkle in images of beautifully wrapped presents to highlight the spirit of giving. A stack of gifts on your certificate can conjure the excitement of Christmas morning.
  • Candlelit Charm: Imagine the warm, cozy glow of candlelight. Using candlelit imagery can create an intimate, fireside vibe that’s perfect for a chilly winter evening.
  • Starry Nights: Add a dash of the enchanting night sky to your certificate with a starry backdrop. It brings a hint of wonder and captures the magic of a clear Christmas Eve.

Remember, the key is to craft a certificate that feels right for both you and the lucky recipient. Whether you go all out with festive flair or keep it elegantly simple, it’s your personal touch that’ll make your Christmas certificate a treasured gift during this season of joy.

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