Best Holiday Gift Certificate Template

What is a Gift Certificate?

A gift certificate or a gift card is a voucher that is the equivalent of monetary value, it is restricted that a gift certificate may hold only a certain amount, such as 20 pounds and etc. When you use them, you can buy anything within the limit (for example 20 pounds) or up to that limit. If the product or service you buy exceeds the limit, you shall have to pay with monetary value. They are one of the most common ways of giving anyone a present without the hassle of choosing a present to give, the receiver can buy anything according to their choice and need.

Size of Certificate

These are usually purchased highly when the holiday season is near or during the season. Many shops and brands have gift certificates that can be used at any of their outlets. Even some malls have made use of gift certificates and have selected outlets on them, through which you can shop.

Gift certificates may vary in size, usually, they are the size of a birthday card. These are easy to handle. They contain

  • The logo on the retailer or the brand on top
  • Then comes in the name of the receiver
  • The worth of the certificate (20 pounds) and from (the name of the sender).

If you want, you can even write a small message at the back of the receiver. It is often necessary that the certificate is in the colors of the retailer, according to the season, or similar to those on the logo.


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