6 Best Gift Certificate Templates in MS Word For Free

“Gift-giving” has to be one of the biggest traits of human nature. The giver gains more than the recipient in the form of satisfaction and happiness. From becoming the basis of barter trade to the development of Gift certificates, gift-giving has evolved.

Gift certificates have been used by small as well as big retailers to promote their business, increase brand loyalty, and encourage customers to visit them again. These are tokens of love that are printed on a card or a sturdy piece of paper that individuals can also buy at specific stores. One can buy these for friends or family and for oneself too. The receiver of the certificate becomes able to acquire goods or services worth the same value from the same store or any of their outlet.

Gift certificates are also known as gift cards, gift tokens, or gift vouchers.

Free Gift Certificate Designs & Formats

Scroll down to download professionally formatted Gift Certificate Templates with beautiful colors and designs. All of these certificates are available to download for free of cost.


Generic Gift Certificate Template for Any Business

Generic Gift Certificate Template for Any Business


Printable Gift Certificate Template

Printable Gift Certificate Template for Microsoft Word


Holidays Gift Certificate Format

Holidays Gift Certificate Format in MS Word


Christmas Gift Card Template

Christmas Gift Card Template - MS Word [DOCX]


Christmas Gift Certificate Sample

Christmas Gift Certificate Sample


Merry Christmas Gift Certificate Template

MS Word Merry Christmas Gift Certificate Template

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Are Gift Certificates and Gift Cards the same?

There’s a bit of a difference between the two! Gift certificates are usually made out of thick papers or mildly strong cards that can undergo wear and tear. These can usually be used only once and are discarded after use. Gift cards on the other hand are created from strong plastic material that can be reused, reloaded, or recycled too.  

Gift certificates are the equivalent of paper cash and became mainstream in markets back in the 1930s. These were sold upon customer’s request and were used for watching movies, playing games, or for grabbing a meal. McDonald’s was the first one to present its “Christmas Gift Certificates” in the 1970s, developing this into a modern way of paying for things.

What are Christmas Gift Certificates?

With Christmas being the season of giving and spreading joy, Christmas Gift Certificates are an excellent way of letting customers load their money into cards. This money can then be utilized by them at a later stage or can be gifted to a friend for letting them enjoy this unique form of ‘gift money.’ These are considerate gestures for those who are too burdened with work and don’t get to shop for themselves.

Businesses can also be benefitted by having customers engaged in Christmas holiday sales. There is a very strong chance that the customer who gets a gift certificate from a shop will come back and spend more again. This is a successful incentive because gift offers can become word-of-mouth and attract even more customers for these stores. It usually is structured with the name of the receiver, sender, and the worth related.

How are Christmas Gift Certificates a perfect gift?

Gifting a dreamy dinner plan for your friend at a top-notch hotel, a staycation they’ve long been wishing for, or a spa session in the form of a Christmas Gift Certificate is a highly thoughtful gesture. Presents don’t always have to be decided by the giver, the receivers can buy the things of their choice through your gift certificate too.

Receiving a card rather than a box of gifts can astonish your loved ones acting as the new currency for the festive season!