14+ Ready to Use Gift Certificate and Voucher Templates for MS Word

On this Page: You can download more than a dozen, professionally and elegantly designed Gift vouchers and Gift Certificates Templates created in MS Word. All of these templates are design with the best printable vector graphics. The good thing about these templates is that all of them are fully customizable including text, layout, colors, and graphics.

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What is a Gift Certificate and how to get it?

Gift cards, gift certificates, gift vouchers, or gift coupons are all the same things with a few differences and work in almost the same way. The main purpose of all of these is to work as a substitute for money in the form of a gift.

A gift certificate or gift card can be purchased as a product from any online or physical store for a price. Usually, a gift certificate is beautifully designed and printed on a piece of paper with a specific code and expiration date. In fact, the code contains the actual value of the certificate that the purchaser of the gift card or who received the card as a gift can make the purchase by showing the code to the shopkeeper. This code has an expiration date after which this gift card becomes unusable.

How to use a Gift Certificate?

As mentioned above, the gift certificate is used as a substitute for money, so you can use it for shopping at any store, petrol station, retail shop, restaurant, or shopping place where it can be accepted. The only restriction in using them is that they can be used for the same amount of money for which it was purchased. For example, if your Gift Certificate is for $100, you can do your shopping within that amount only.

What is a Gift Voucher?

Unlike gift certificates, gift vouchers are mostly used for promotions. These are considered to be one of the best promotion tools. They are widely used in the hotel and food sectors. In addition, different companies distribute gift vouchers of different prices to people to promote their different types of products. These vouchers have a fixed price or percentage price written on them in return for which the buyer can buy the product within a specified time. In this way, it is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller that the buyer gets the item for free or at a discounted price and the seller gets the product advertised to a targeted customer.

Another use of gift vouchers is to give them as a gift to others. The recipient’s name may also be included in such gift vouchers. But that doesn’t have to be. The recipient can make a purchase for the amount stated on the card by simply showing the gift voucher without having his name stated on the card.

Christmas Gift Certificates and Vouchers

Christmas is a festival that is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and fervor. On this occasion, almost everyone goes shopping for themselves and their families and decorates their homes and offices in different ways. This Christmas is a time of year when all kinds of shopping are at their peak. And because shopping is so plentiful, so is the use of gift certificates on this occasion.

In this context, we have designed for you some gift certificates and vouchers decorated with Christmas colors with attractive and heartwarming designs. All of these gift cards are made using Microsoft Word so you can easily customize them and use them for yourself.

#1 – Christmas Holidays Gift Certificate Template

#2- Christmas Gift Certificate Template CR80

Watch the video below on the Making of this Christmas Gift Certificate in MS Word. This will help you to modify it or create this gif card yourself. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments sections of the video that if this video helped you in any way? This will help us to do more such videos for you!

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3oW0bCN5KA

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Holiday Gift Certificates for MS Word

Everybody is very busy in their daily life and they don’t have much time for shopping. Therefore, usually when the holiday season comes, then shopping and outings also start to increase. And then there’s the boom in business. Therefore, the use of gift certificates during the holidays is more than usual. Holiday gift certificates are usually given to wish loved ones happy holidays and gave them the best wishes to enjoy with family, friends, and relatives.

We have created some gift certificates with beautiful and professional designs for the holidays. You can also view them from the screenshots below and easily download your favorite ones from the links below.

#3 – Happy Holidays Gift Certificate Template

#4 – Winter Holidays Gift Certificate Template

Microsoft Word Business or product gift certificates

Business or product gift certificates are gift cards that are made for a specific business or product. The amount listed on such cards can only be used to purchase these special products. You can’t buy anything else, other than the listed items, with that money.

Such gift cards are only made for specific products or specific businesses. For example, if a gift certificate has been purchased for shopping on Amazon, you cannot use it to make purchases on eBay or any other store. You can use it only on Amazon stores.

If you also want to design a gift certificate for your business or your product, you can use any of the following templates that we have pre-designed in MS Word. All the gift certificates and vouchers on this page are absolutely free and you can use them in any way you like. But, you can not re-distribute them anywhere.

#5 – Gift Certificate for Company Employee Template

#6 – Product Gift Certificate/Voucher Template

Watch the Video below to see how to Modify or Create this Gift Voucher in MS Word

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTJSC5xu8dY

#7 – Easter Gift Certificate Template

#8 – Halloween Gift Certificate Template

#9 – Halloween Gift Voucher Format

#10 – General Gift Voucher Sample

#11 – Birthday Gift Certificate Template

#12 – Fancy Gift Voucher Template

#13 – Sample Gift Certificate

#14 – Shopping Gift Certificate Template – CR80 Size