5+ Premium Warranty Card & Certificate Templates for Free

On this Page: Download ready-made warranty card templates, designed in beautiful colors, and attractive and eye-catching layouts, and get your work done in just a few minutes. These templates are designed in different sizes. Some warranty cards or certificates are designed in the form of folded cards, on either side of which you can add the desired information.

Some of these are designed in the size of 5″ x 7″ single card style and some in the size of 3.87″ x 8.27″ in the form of a long vertical style. All of these MS Word premium warranty cards are available to be downloaded with a single click.

What is a warranty card or certificate?

A warranty card is an agreement between the buyer and the seller in the form of printed paper. In this agreement, the seller assures his buyer about the item he is selling that if his product (written in the agreement) goes bad or has any problems for a certain period of time, the seller will be obliged to replace or fix it. But if the product has any issues after the period stated in this warranty card, then the seller will not be responsible for it. This warranty certificate is also a kind of assurance to the buyer about the product and how long it will work properly without any problem.

Does the warranty have a price?

There is usually no warranty price for a product, which is actually included in the purchase price of the item. But the warranty price of some products, especially electronics-related items, is also included separately. This price is kept separate so that if the buyer does not want to pay the warranty price along with the price of the product, he has the option to do so.

Types of warranty

There are many types of warranty, but generally, it can be classified into four types.

  • Basic warranty
  • Legal warranty
  • Additional warranty
  • Full warranty

Basic warranty

This type does not cost anything is free for the customer by the merchant or manufacturer and is automatically included in the product price.

This type is also free of cost and is provided to the buyer under the Consumer Protection Act along with the purchased product. This type is automatically included with each item. It clearly tells the buyer how long the product he is buying will last and will fulfill the purpose for which it was made.

Additional/Extended warranty.

This type of warranty is not free. The customer buys this at an additional cost. This includes item repair and replacement etc. In this type, the customer can also extend the warranty time period by paying extra to the seller. Merchants are required to provide their buyers with full information about the legal guarantee for this item when paying the additional warranty price. They have to tell their buyer how this type is different from the basic and the legal warranty which is already, automatically included in the product price.

Full warranty.

This type is based on mutual understanding between the customer and the seller. This type can be free as well as paid. In this type, the seller enters into an agreement with his customer that if the product breaks down during the warranty period of the product, he will fix it for free. If it is not fixed even after repeated repairs, then the buyer will be entitled to give a new product to his customer in exchange for this product.

What is the use of a warranty card?

If you buy a product from a merchant or seller, they will also give you a warranty certificate. This certificate has a warranty start and end date. If the purchased item has any functional issues between these start and end dates, the customer can take the product to the merchant or manufacturer, show them the certificate, and have the item repaired or replaced by them. This is a kind of legal paper that binds the shopkeeper, merchant, or manufacturer to the fact that he has entered into an agreement with his customer about his product through this warranty card.

Warranty card design and essentials.

The design of the warranty card should be very good and attractive according to the product?s type. The logo and name of the company or manufacturer are written on the back of it which indicates which company manufactured this product. The address of the company, merchant, or dealer can also be written along with the logo and name. Product information, such as name, special code, color, and size, is written on the inside of the card. The product information is accompanied by the name of the buyer, his address and contact number or email, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned things, the most important part of a warranty certificate is the start and end dates of its warranty. These dates are specified and written in a slightly larger size so that they can be easily viewed.

Download Ready-made Warranty Card/Certificate Templates for MS Word below

Electronic Item Folded Warranty Card Template for MS Word

Outer-Side view

Electronic Item Folded Warranty Card Template for MS Word

Inner-Side View of the Warranty Card

Electronic Item Folded Warranty Card Template for MS Word

MS Word Folded Warranty Card Template for any Product

Back-side View

MS Word Folded Warranty Card Template for any Product

Inside View

MS Word Folded Warranty Card Template for any Product

Watch the video below to see how easily this Folded Warranty Card can be modified in MS Word

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs7fGfwE2OQ

Home Appliance Warranty Card Template – Microsoft Doc

Home Appliance Warranty Card Template - Microsoft Doc

Watch the video on Making this Warranty Certificate in MS Word

Mobile/Phone Warranty Certificate Design for Microsoft Word

Mobile/Phone Warranty Card Design for Microsoft Word

Kitchen Appliance Warranty Card Template – Vertical MS Word Doc

Kitchen Appliance Warranty Card Template - Vertical MS Word Doc

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