15+ Free Warranty Certificate Formats for MS Word

A warranty certificate is a certificate handed out to customers buying products or equipment from a certain retailer or dealer. This is to make sure the customers can get the product replaced or changed when there is a certain failure in the product or a fault that makes the product unable to function. This is an essential document that makes it possible for a customer to claim a replacement, change, or repair in the product. There is a specific limit or period specified on the warranty certificate that binds the customers to get back within that period in case the need arises.

It is imperative that the warranty certificate is designed and formulated in such a manner that allows the customers to be aware of all the terms and conditions such as the period for which the warranty card is valid, and other information.

Download Templates

On this page, you can download very professionally designed Warranty Certificate formats for Microsoft Word. These are designed in beautiful colors and layouts with the use of high-quality vector graphics.


Warranty Certificate Template for MS Word


Sample Warranty Certificate Format


One Year Warranty Certificate Design


Product Warranty Certificate Template


Company Warranty Certificate Format

#6 – Extended Warranty Certificate

Extended Warranty Certificate Template

#7 – Limited Warranty Certificate

Limited Warranty Certificate Template

#8 – Product Warranty Certificate

Product Warranty Certificate Template

#9 – Service Warranty Certificate

Service Warranty Certificate Template

#10 – Vehicle Warranty Certificate

Vehicle Warranty Certificate Template

#11 – Electronics Warranty Certificate

Electronics Warranty Certificate Template

#12 – Home Appliance Warranty Certificate

Home Appliance Warranty Certificate Template

#13 – Manufacturer’s Warranty Certificate

Manufacturer's Warranty Certificate Template

#14 – Parts Warranty Certificate

Parts Warranty Certificate Template

#15 – Software Warranty Certificate

Software Warranty Certificate Template

Why is a warranty certificate needed?

A warranty certificate issued by the supplier promises that the product bought is new, has never been brought into use before, and has all the specifications provided in the product description document. It allows the customer to enjoy the ability that the retailer/store owner will be responsible for exchanging or replacing the product if the product is unable to meet any of the provided descriptions.

A warranty certificate is useful in creating a bond of trust and a sound relationship between the client and the seller. It has been recognized as a legally binding document that can be used by the purchasing party to be used lawfully if the product-related conditions are broken or found faulty.

What information must be there in a warranty certificate?

The warranty certificate must explicitly state all the vital information related to the product and the customer. While creating a warranty certificate the following information must be added:

  • Name and correct details of the product
  • Details of the period might include the number of the product, description, Date of when the agreement has been made between the retailer and the customer

Period of warranty

  • Address, logo, and seal of the retailer store
  • Name of the main signing authority
  • Detailed terms and conditions
  • Period of warranty certificate validity, etc.

Things that sellers must not forget adding in a warranty certificate:

Here are a few rules and guidelines in order to make your warranty certificate as broad-ranged as possible. This results in ease for the customers avoids confusion and prevents conflicts.

  1. All the information must be stated in an easy-to-comprehend, precise document
  2. Clearly explain what the document covers and what it doesn’t
  3. The time period must be VERY CLEARLY written
  4. Provide the option of warranty period extension if at all
  5. Easy-to-reach contact information must be provided about the customer center department at the store so that the customers can easily access them whenever needed

A warranty certificate might have a simplistic template or might also be designed in the form of a proper certificate that has an outline and a proper format.

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