20+ Free Inventory Tracking Templates & Checklists for MS Word

Regardless of the size of the business you run, the outlet you’ve just opened, or the entrepreneurial venture you’ve just started, inventory tracking is an essential tool for keeping a check and record of your business inventories.

People have been using manual means of recording inventories for years, however, keeping in view the humongous present-day needs of businesses, manual record-keeping of inventories is a hard task. You can’t rely on a register and a pencil anymore!

Inventory tracking software is used by a large number of organizations, but might be a little expensive and out-of-reach sort of an option for smaller and medium enterprises.


This is why we have provided easy-to-create and simple inventory tracking sheet templates that are effortless to create.

Download Printable & Customizable Templates

On this page, you can download 20 professionally designed inventory formats for Microsoft Word. All of these are easily editable and printable.

#1 – Assets Inventory


#2 – Biological Inventory

#3 – Chemicals Inventory


#4 – Course Inventory


#5 – Critical Job Inventory


#6 – Data Inventory Tracker


#7 – Drug/Medicine Inventory


#8 – Inventory & Sales Control Worksheet


#9 – Property Inventory Form


#10 – School Data Inventory


#11 – Stock Inventory


#12 – Waste Inventory Sheets


#13 – Archival Record Inventory


#14 – Chemical Waste Inventory


#15 – Food Inventory


#16 – Physical Room Inventory Count


#17 – Portable & Moveable Electric Equipment Inventory


#18 – System Inventory and Definition


#19 – Home Inventory Checklist


#20 – Property Inventory


Few simple tips on what should be there on an inventory tracking sheet:

  • The outlined features: You can choose whichever template you wish to use but the features must essentially be almost the same. Such as the basic layout.
  • Inventory tracking serial number: There is a unique number for each inventory. This is done in order to keep it organized and clear.
  • Product/item details: Details such as item name, item number, and quantity. This might contain the number of items in stock, items purchased, items sold, etc.
  • Cost per unit of each item: The amount in dollars is added opposite each of the items.
  • The volume of the items
  • Description of the items: such as color, size, volume number, etc.
  • The sale price of each item: The specific sale value of the items is provided if the business is running a sale.
  • Order timing and other details: If you’re selling items the time, date, and address of the client that has ordered the product will be added.
  • Supplier information: This has to be one of the most vital segments of the inventory tracking sheet. The name, address, company name, quantity ordered, location of supply, and supplier email address might be added. This will be accompanied by another separate section for the details of the order that you have received or are going to receive.

How to begin with a basic inventory tracking sheet?

Have you never created an inventory sheet before?

Are you scared you might end up missing essential details?

If yes, then remember the following steps on how to create an inventory tracking sheet:

  • Open up a template
  • Create column headings
  • Give appropriate headings
  • Create rows to enter new information
  • Keep the sheet editable so that changes and additions can be made whenever needed.

How are inventory tracking sheets beneficial for your business?

  • Ensures proper record-keeping to avoid confusion, errors, and mishaps.
  • Allows asset management
  • Avoids the stock from running low
  • Keeps a record of the products sold, purchased, or available.
  • Ensures an accurate prediction of business processes and allows to keep a track of what additions need to be made.
  • Helps stay updated with the modern and real-time inventory methods  
  • Helps keep the business finances streamlined and organized.
  • Allows maintenance of quality.

Businesses that keep their inventory organized and updated are more likely to succeed in the market than the rest. get one for yourself today, it’s easier than you think!

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