15+ Professionally Designed, printable List and Checklist Templates for MS Word

Lists are the collection of specific items and things written or printed typically one below the other. They are used to preserve the information in the linear form. It is also used to show the series of information to perform some tasks in the tabular form.  The main objective is to provide that type of printed list that attracts the customer and shows its uniqueness among all. It is made of special paper and other material that adds loveliness in its surrounding. It also contains the record of events and occasions proceeding in the near future. Designs vary in different varieties that show it exclusive among all. The way of print in the different forms has its own glance. Lists are widely used in shopping malls, grocery stores, as a leaflet, atm(s), and various bill paying areas.

Shopping list

Lists are widely used in the shopping malls where we can do some purchases and, in the end, we have a record of what we buy from that particular store. A shopping list reminds the person about the purchases of particular products from a particular store. It helps the individual to keep in mind the things for which he goes to the shopping mall.

These list and checklist templates are created using MS Word 2016 with beautiful and professional designs and are freely available to download. You can customize them easily with MS Word or any other Rich Text Editor you like.

#1 Christmas Shopping List

MS Word Version

PDF Version

#2 Shopping Grocery List for Food Stuff

#2 Shopping Grocery List for Household Stuff

Travel checklist

The checklist contains all of the items the individual wants to keep with him the whole journey. The travel checklist lists the things of daily use which is essential to meet the consequences of whole day needs. Lists are widely used to lessen the work on the person’s hands. We are highly keen on providing the lists that cast a magnificent influence on the environment.   

#4 Holiday Travel Checklist

#5 Travel Packing List


This list contains the record of the work, a person would do in the whole day. To-do-list contains the bullets enlisted the work of the daily routine. The main purpose is to remind the person about the tasks assigned to him. People desire to keep the lists with them so that they are well-aware of the assigned work.

#6 Daily To-Do List

#7 Multi-Column To-Do List

#8 Simple To-Do List

#9 To…s Things list

#10 Weekly To-Do List

#11 Workers Priority To-Do List

Bill paying checklist

Bill paying checklist plays an important role in the bill summary so that one aware of what he spends and how much he has right now. Also, the main feature is that each list contains different categories including; household, insurance, loans, savings, electricity, etc. These checklists keep the record of the monthly expenditures so that one can easily find out the money he saves in the recent month.  

#12 Bill Payments Checklist for Whole Year

# 13 Monthly Bill Organizer

Lists are helpful in the everyday life. It alerts the person about the tasks assigned to him. It also contains the things which we want to memorize when going outside to buy/purchase something. The designs of lists show its uniqueness in its appearance. We are known for providing lists that are dynamic in appearance and grabs the attention of viewers. We focus to provide the lists that are up to the mark and serves the interest of the people. The lists have a glittering effect when viewed by the people. Our list edifies the life of the people so that they remain well-aware of their tasks.

#14 Christmas Family Bucket List

#15 Christmas Gift List