8+ Free Doctor Prescription Pad Templates in MS Word

Medicine Prescription is probably one of the most important parts of a doctor’s job. Customized and specially designed prescription pads are used by doctors for suggesting medicine for a particular illness. These pads can be used by other medical professionals too and are a legal requirement in a few countries.

The prescription pads are not plain pieces of paper, rather are specialized pages designed according to one’s needs. Most of the prescription pads contain basic information related to the doctor, such as name, qualification, awards, clinic name, address, contact, and other details. The bottom and top of the page are designed with text, while the middle part is left blank. This is where the doctor writes down the medicines.

Institutions or companies sometimes require their students or employees to produce the prescription letters as proof of their “sick leave”, attaching legal vitality with these. The prescription letter from only a licensed doctor is accepted evidence of one’s sickness.

Download Prescription Pad Templates for Microsoft Word

You can find 6 professionally designed Medical Prescription Pad Designs and Formats, designed in MS Word, at the URLs below. You can also look at the preview image before downloading any of these you like most. All of these templates are 100% customizable and printable.


Exclusive Doctor Prescription Pad Design


Awesome Dentist Prescription Pad Format

Video Tutorial:
How to Design above Dental Doctor Prescription Pad in MS Word


Best Pediatric Prescription Pad Template


Beautiful Psychiatrist Prescription Letterhead Pad Design


Veterinary Doctor Prescription Pad Template


Prescription Pad Template for Cardiologist


Gynecologist Prescription Pad/Letterhead Design

Gynecologist Prescription Letterhead/Pad Template for MS Word


Optometrist and Eye Specialist Letterhead Format

Since this is a fully customizable template, you can also tweak this a little using Microsoft Word to use it for the Ophthalmologists as well.

Optometrist and Eye Specialist Letterhead Format in MS Word

What are Doctor’s prescription pads needed for?

A doctor’s prescription pad is a bundle of papers that contains the doctor’s name his professional experience printed to show his identity. It plays an important role in this regard for building a doctor’s brand name and recognition. This also renders the prescription as an authentic piece of paper that represents a reliable source of information.

The word prescription stems from the word “Prescribe” which refers to writing or suggesting something in advance or beforehand. In medical terms, it refers to a doctor’s ability to grant permission to the patient for acquiring certain medicine. Well-designed and professionally created designs are a tool for enhancing the reputation, and image of your medical business.

Owing to the legal weightage that prescription pads contain, the design must be created in a manner that makes it hard to replicate and reproduce. Misuse of this can lead to grave damage to a doctor’s image if it falls into wrong hands.

What does the Doctor’s prescription pad contain?

A true prescription paper would contain the doctor’s details, and space of name, age, gender of the patient, etc. on the top, and some advertisement on the bottom. Most of the ads that you would see on doctor’s prescription chit will contain a pharmaceutical ad showcasing a medicine or two. The clinic or hospital’s logo can be inserted anywhere on the pad. The middle of the paper is the section where the doctor puts his advice in his handwriting, it could be plain or might contain sections, columns, or rows. The doctor’s signature or stamp will further enhance the prescription’s validity.

The advice must be provided in a readable writing and detailed manner. A few doctors keep small-sized pads, while others prefer bigger A4-sized or US-Letter-sized sheets of paper. Prescription chits nowadays are also contained within doctor’s files, which show detailed information about the doctor.  

With the current concern of people around health-related advice, the medical advice from only licensed health practitioners must be trusted upon. One way of this is through reliable prescription letters.