6+ Free Doctor’s Letterhead Templates for MS Word

Just like doctor’s prescription pads are important, doctor letterheads are also a vital part of the identity and recognition that a doctor has. These are headings that help doctors, medical students, and other practitioners how to reveal their information and identity in the most creative, modern, and up-to-date manner.

A doctor’s letterhead leaves a fair impression on the people and adds up to the credibility and authenticity of people related to the field of medicine. It established their brand identity and is helpful for saying that the person containing these letterheads is professional and serious with the job he is practicing.


Download Letterhead Formats

We have got six beautifully designed letterhead templates for Doctors. All of these are developed in Microsoft Word with high-quality vectors and graphics.

#1 – For General Doctors


#2 – Cardiologists Format


#3 – For Dermatologists


#4 – Best for Family Medicine Doctors


#5 – For Family Physicians


#6 – Designed for Pediatricians


Why do doctors need doctor letterheads?

  • Doctor letterheads have legal importance and credibility and can be produced by patients whenever the need arises, that is in case of a medical emergency, legal issue, etc. It is official proof of the fact that the particular doctor has prescribed the medicine or checked the patient.
  • Letterheads can be easily converted into a number of other documents such as medical certificates, prescription leaves for medicines and recommendations, invoices, marketing documents, etc.
  • Letterheads serve as a vital document that can be used for getting in touch with the doctor. With all the contact details provided it becomes convenient for people to reach the medical person.

Dos and don’ts of a doctor’s letterhead?

  • A doctor’s letterhead that is simple and easily readable is the best. The main aim is to convey information, therefore, filling it with a lot of unneeded details will make it look unprofessional.
  • Keeping the usage of only three or four basic colors in your design will make it look decent and impressive.
  • The background should always be kept simple and solid.
  • As insignificant as it might seem the quality of the paper material that you are using is of utmost importance. Flaky papers with extremely lightweight look amateurish.

What elements to look out for in a striking letterhead?

Factors that are almost mandatory in a letterhead are:

  • Name of the doctor
  • Name and logo of the hospital or clinic
  • The address, contact number, email, fax, social media handles of the hospital or clinic
  • The timings or days of doctor’s availability can also be mentioned
  • The qualification of the doctor along with his notable degrees and courses can be provided.

The layout must be designed in such a manner that the logo and name of the doctor as well as the clinic can be seen from a distance and is the first thing to come to notice. It makes it easier to focus the attention of people on these vital details. No one would like to search through miniature details and waste their time.

It is optional for the designers to add further additions in terms of backgrounds and figures to make the page look better. If you are related to a medical professional whether you are a laboratory worker or a medical specialist it is simply a click away for you to download the free templates that we have provided. It is not hard anymore for you to do impressive branding of your work.

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