6+ Free Business Letterhead Formats for MS Word

Business letterhead is defined as the header which is placed at the top of the companies? letter. The letterhead mostly contains information such as the company logo, address, and most importantly the name of the business. Other details included are the contact information such as the telephone number and the fax number through which the business can be contacted.

Download 6 Professionally Designed Business Letterheads below.

All these letterhead formats have been designed in a very excellent and professional way in Microsoft Word. You can download and use all these templates for free, at no cost. All of these can be easily printed on US letter or A-4 paper sizes.

#1 – Business Letterhead Sample

#2 – Company Design

#3 – Beautiful Creative Format

#4 – Template for Florist Company

#5 – For IT (Information Technology) Company

#6 – Marketing Business Design

Who can use the business letterhead?

It is wrong to assume that business letterheads can only be used by large corporations for communicating with different parties. It can also be used by a sole proprietor running a business and even a small company run by a few.

What should be the size of the business letterhead?

Countries outside North America have their letterheads printed on a sheet of A4 with a size range between (210mm x 297mm) whereas, In North America, the size range is different which is (210mm x 280 mm). However, with the use of modern technology, it has become easier to copy letterheads of each other but still, in this prospering world, they have become a tool of proving authenticity.

 Best font to be used

The most commonly used fonts for letterheads include the Futura, Helvetica, and the Century Gothic. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with using the above-mentioned fonts except for the thing that due to their popularity it becomes difficult to make a statement using them. This difficulty can even arise for the best letterhead designers as well.

Importance of business letterheads

A letterhead is very important for a business as it acts as a brand representative for the business. A well-designed letterhead would surely leave an impression of professionalism while a weaker one may define you as an inappropriate selection by the probable client or customer. Therefore, businesses must choose very carefully the printing firm and the graphics designer for their letterheads.

Benefits of a good format

A well-designed letterhead would say all you require for your business. It would not only reflect professionalism but also help cast an image of your brand in the eyes of the customer. It becomes a necessity for businesses to design their letterheads in such a way that it helps attract valuable customers. The valuable customers by looking at the letterhead comprehend in mind that what quality of business you are offering.


A business letterhead can be used when:

  • Creating invoices
  • Drafting notices or scheduled meetings
  • Legal announcements are to be made
  • Inter departmental statements issuance
  • Provide business related information for others.

These are useful when creating invoices by a business for the settlement of payments. They are also used when some important notice is to be circulated within the organization. They are also used while drafting letters for scheduled meetings, detailing the time and day of the meeting. Whenever a business wants to make some major legal announcements, letterheads are used to prove the business’s authenticity. When transferring information from one department to another, letterheads are used. Lastly while communicating any business-related information for a third party, letterheads are used.

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