Free Business Letterhead Template Designed in MS Word

There is a large number of official stationery that is used in an organization. All business entities want to have their own customized stationery that can meet their needs and requirements in an optimal manner. For this purpose, they design their own stuff themselves or ask specialized printing and stationery companies to do it for them. One of the most commonly used official stationery is the letterhead.

What is a letterhead?

A letterhead is a customized document or piece of paper that has a heading on top of the sheet of paper. This heading might be in the form of text writing or a picture or diagram. It consists of the name and contact information of the owner company like mailing address and telephone numbers. Or it can have the logo or monogram of the company printed on it. The letterhead can also have a whole background image printed on it. The preference of the design of the letterhead depends on the choice and requirement of the company management. The letterhead is the entire piece of sheet that has a specific heading printed on it and is used for the routine tasks of the company.

Sometimes individuals also like creating their own personalized stationery and letters. Many individuals and companies prepare letterheads on word processing software or other applications, especially Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. These software and online applications contain different types of letterhead templates. These templates can provide the guidelines to make your own stationery. All you have to do is to select and make modifications.

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Letterhead Templates for MS Word

We have created this Business Letterhead Template for you in Microsoft Word. The colors used along with a professional layout make it really stand out. All you have to do is to replace the placeholder logo with your company logo, modify your company Phone, Fax, Email, Web & Address information and print it out on Letter size paper.

Below is a screenshot and download link


Download Letterhead Template

How to Create Letterhead in MS Word

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