Summer Beach Party Flyer

Marketing and promotion is one of the most important functions for all business organizations. For very business entity making sales and having maximum profits from these sales is the ultimate goal. All their efforts and resources are targeted towards the achievement of these goals. Promotion and advertising help increase the sales and profits of the organizations manifolds.

Over the years there have been many advancements and innovations in the advertising and promotions. Many new tools in this regard have been developed that have made the entire process much easier and effective. These may include many advertising mediums on the internet and via other communication mediums. But apart from the real advanced and highly expensive forms of advertising, there are also some low cost options that are also very effective. One such advertising and promotional tool is the Flyer.

What is a Flyer?

A flyer is a printed or written down piece of paper or mini pamphlet that is distributed to the targeted market through mail or any other physical delivery system. These types of promotional tools have a very large outreach and help convey the message of the organization in a very cost effective manner.

Flyers can not only be used for professional purposes but also for home use. For example if you are having a garage sale or a party or an event that using a flyer to inform the nearby community can be very effective. For this purpose you can download this beach party or event flyer template and use to draft your own flyer. This summer beach party flyer is created using MS Word on a Letter size paper.

Special Fonts Used

  • Bookman Old Style
  • Bleeding Cowboys
  • Cooper Lt BT
  • Corbel


Below is a screenshot and download link to download this flyer.



Download this Flyer

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