4th of July – Independence Day Celebrations Party Flyer

Importance of Flyers for promotion and advertising:

A flyer is a one of the most ancient and effective forms of advertising for small business and causes. It is utilized for various purposes. These days a lot of new advertising and promotional tools have been discovered through the advancement and progress in the field of information and technology. From social media marketing to email advertising to website ads, these new advertising techniques are very simple and quite effective. Their costs are also low as compared to their effective and positive results. However the basic forms of physical marketing like billboards, word of mouth and distribution of flyers are still used with great expectations and positive outcomes. Let us have a look at the benefits of using flyers through taking an example of the colour block event flyer.

What is a 4th July Party Flyer?

This 4th July event flyer is an elegant and colourful document that consists of one page printed information or material. It acts as a great way to communicate the message of the people, organization or company to the customers, friends or potential clients. It is mostly used to inform people about an event. You can add a lot of information in this event/party flyer like;

  • Name of the event
  • Date of event
  • Location or place of event
  • Organizers and their contacts
  • Any other event details

So whenever you need to advertise for an event, don’t forget to use this Forth July, Independence Day celebrations party flyer.

This colourful and nicely laid out flyer is created using Microsoft word with a typical 4th July theme using a US flag colours, stars and all that stuff. All the contents are easily editable.

Below is a screen-shot along with a download link to download this template.

Full Page View



Inside View



Fonts Used

  • Myriad Pro
  • ArnoldBoeD
  • AGAalenBold
  • Pilot

Click Here to Download


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