MS Word Restaurant / Food & Drink Menu

If you are looking to start a restaurant or eatery business or have already made the relevant investments, you must know that the most important document in the restaurant business is the food menu. You need to have a menu according to your own style and theme of the restaurant. It should be attractive and comprehensive to make the customer understand each and every entry properly. The font and writing pattern should be easily visible and readable by all types of people.

  • What is a Restaurant Menu?

A Restaurant menu is a list of food items and dishes that are available to serve in a restaurant. It is a document that helps present the food and beverage offering of a restaurant along with their relevant prices. In many cases, a very brief description of the ingredients and components of the dishes is also provided to let the customer know the insight of the entries they are about to order.

This is an essential document of a restaurant that is handed over to the potential customers/buyers as soon as they walk into the restaurant. Without it would not be possible to brief the customer about the variety of dishes available in the restaurant. So if you are starting a new restaurant you can draft your own menu by using this restaurant menu template. This half-folded template can be procured from Microsoft word. A place-holder restaurant log and menu items along with their prices are there to help you manipulate your food & beverage information. You can print it on an A4 page once you are done customizing data according to your needs.

Fonts Used in this template:

  • Pilot
  • Calibri

Below are preview and download link to download this Restaurant Menu Template


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