5 Free MS Word Receipt Templates of Daily Use

A receipt, similar to an invoice, is a very commonly used business document that is used for documenting the transaction that takes place between two parties. This is generally used after the money is paid by one party. It is written proof that one party has received the payment. It includes several details such as the total amount that has been paid, the date on which the payment was made, terms and conditions of the payment, and a lot of other details needed to document the transaction

Different types of professional receipts are used in different situations. A general-purpose receipt template can be used from the internet and then after modifications, it can be used to fit the specific purpose.

Rent Receipt Format

A rent receipt is used to document the transaction. When the tenant pays the rent to the landlord, he wants to document the payment for security.  The use of this document verifies that the tenant has paid the rent to the landlord. After the successful transaction of the rental amount, both tenant and landlord should keep a copy of the rent receipt with them. This is a useful document for the landlord as it enables him to keep track of the incoming payment. The tenant has only a rent receipt which can be used as proof that has been paying the rent in time

Cash Receipt Template

Whenever a company receives cash after selling products or services, it documents the amount it receives. Cash receipts are generally used by businesses when they want to document the transaction. These are considered to be very important for a company because they can easily keep track of the revenue it generates. The cash receipt is also useful for the customer as it tells him the transaction has successfully been conducted and he is not liable to pay anymore.


Payment Receipt Format

The purpose of every receipt is to give the proof of payment that has been made. However, if you want to use it for any purpose other business, the payment receipt is best for you. This is used for accounting purposes most of the time. Before you start using the payment receipt, make sure that the payment has been made by you 

Donation Receipt Template

Different charitable organizations use the donation receipt when the donor makes the donation. This document ensures that the donor has made the payment to the charitable organization. When the donor receives this, he ensures that the organization has received the exact amount that he has donated.


Sales Receipt Format

In most of the business, selling and purchasing is documented with the help of sales receipt. The sales receipt includes the details of the sale that has been conducted by the business. The details of items sold out, the quantity of those items, the price of each item sold, and lots of other details are mentioned in the sales receipt. With the help of sales receipts, a business can easily keep track of incoming cash flow.


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