7+ Professional Job-Winning Resume / CV Designs for MS Word – Editable

No matter how experienced you are, while applying for the next “dream” job of yours, the way you write your resume will tell a lot about what have you been learning in all these years of “Experience.” With hundreds of individuals applying for the same job as you, the interviewers are very likely to spend as little as about 10 seconds on your CV. Therefore, it is imperative that your resume stands out and has been created in the right manner. With very little time that employers have today, your CV must not be a long list of clustered stuff that serves little or no purpose.

Editable Resume Formats for Microsoft Word

You can download below professionally designed, fully editable, modern layout, job-winning CV Formats for MS Word. All of these formats are totally free to download.

#1 – For Computer and Mathematical Operations Jobs

Resume Format for Computer and Mathematical Operations Jobs in Microsoft Word

#2 – Best Format for Education, Training, and library-related jobs

Best Resume/CV Format for Education, Training, and library related jobs

#3 – Creative Design for Business and Financial Jobs – Landscape Style

Microsoft Word Resume Template for Business and Financial Jobs

#4 – Life, Physical, and Social Science Jobs

Life, Physical, and Social Science Jobs Resume Sample for MS Word

#5 – Job Winning Format for Office and Administrative Support Jobs

Job Winning CV/Resume Template for Office and Administrative Support Jobs

#6 – Professional Design for Law & Legal Jobs

Professional Resume Template for Law & Legal Jobs in Microsoft Word

#7 – Best for Receptionists

Receptionist Resume/CV Template in MS Word

Tips to Make Your Resume Impressive

Here are a few tips on how to make your resume, brief, to the point, and impressive:

  • Start by stating your name at the top
  • Then comes your professional title. These few words will be stated to define your professional title or phrases that define you as a person and as a professional. You might call yourself a problem solver, a critical thinker, a prompt decision-maker, a talented multi-disciplinarian, or a fast learner.
  • Contact information comes next: First of all, you can provide your email ID, however, what needs to be remembered is that stating that funky email ID you created back in college would leave a very bad impact. Make sure to provide your professional email address, along with your contact number, and your social media profiles. Resumes these days DO NOT include photos, marital status, religious affiliation, date of birth, etc.
  • The experience section will be provided next in reverse chronological order with your latest job coming first. The job title, name of the company, and the time period for the job would be mentioned. The experience section must possess the keywords mentioned in the job advertisement for extra points.
  • The Education section for an experienced person must be pretty short, to the point. Stating your metric degree, its percentages, and grades look like a waste of space. A wiser choice would be to mention the latest degree only, with the CGPA, achievements, etc.
  • The Skills section would mostly include the general life abilities that you have in addition to the professional skills. An advantage in gaining points would be to not miss the skills that the employer mentioned in the job ad.
  • An additional section is your chance to write about all the awards, volunteer ships, hobbies, extracurriculars, patents, etc. that you are proud of in life. However, make sure to not go overboard with the ‘self-praise’ part!

Why is it important to add experience to your resume?

The experience section is probably the heart of it all and all other sections of the resume are created around it. It shows the potential employer that you have the necessary qualifications that can be required by them. It is a significant section that displays a lot of very weighty and crucial information in a little amount of space. Consider yourself an employer for a second, the very section that you?re very likely to focus the most on will be the ?work/job experience section.?

The employers will most probably be shortlisting the candidates based on their past work experience, primarily. Using market-specific words and keywords will definitely be a good seller for you. Therefore, this section should undoubtedly be top-notch for you to hit just the right mark.

Do’s and Don’ts for your resume

Here are a few quick points on the Dos and Don’ts:

  • Stick to the ‘single page’ rule.
  • It’s never about quantity. Your CV is not your grocery list, keep it brief!
  • Check, and re-check your format with eyes wide open!
  • NEVER state a skill you don’t possess. Lies can hurt!

For you to not miss creating the best one, you can keep these three F’s for resume writing at your fingertips:

Function must be clear, Format must be impressive, and it must be eFFective!

Video: How to Design CV in MS Word

Watch a Tutorial Video at the link below to see how can you create your resume in the best and easy way!


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