6+ Best Ever College Resumes in MS Word Format

Getting admission into a good college is everyone’s dream and one of the requirements for college applications is a resume or a CV.  A good resume, in a nutshell, represents you, who you are, and what you have been doing in high school besides academics. It is very common for high school students to participate in extracurricular activities as well as to work part-time either to gain some work experience or to make pocket money for themselves.

Hence, it provides a space that allows you to write about yourself and highlight your best qualities, interests, and achievements in a glimpse. It gives you a chance to stand out among other candidates. Therefore, let’s dig into it further and find out the pros and cons of a college resume.

Download Editable College Resume Templates


On this page, you can download six very professionally designed, all-time best Resume formats, designed in Microsoft Word for Free of cost. These are very easy-to-use formats that you can personalize easily in just a few minutes. Each of these designs is consist of different useful sections with their appropriate headings.

Design # 1


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Design # 2


Design # 3


Design # 4


Design # 5


Design # 6


What is a college resume and why is it important?

A college resume is an official document that gives brief information about an individual’s education and work history. Other than that one can also provide information about one’s passion, skills, certifications, co-curricular activities, and awards. It serves as an important marketing tool for you to sell your skills and prove admission committee that you are the best fit. Getting into a good college is competitive since so many students apply for it and the admission committee is only looking for top students. Therefore, a resume is an essential part and must be well crafted to make you stand out.

Everyone’s resume is different, it varies because everyone has different experiences and interests in life, and depending on these experiences one can easily customize it and craft suitable headings accordingly. 

What are the key features of a good college resume?

  • Personal information – your name, city & state, email address
  • Summary – write your profile summary in 2 to 3 lines
  • Academic background – school name, city & state of the school, date of attendance, grade level, and major. Also, mention marks obtained, percentage, or CGPA, and highlight any significant achievement in any particular coursework
  • Work experience – describe any part-time job you did, mention the company name, start and end date, your designation, key responsibilities of the role, and achievements (if any) 
  • Co-curricular activities – mention all the activities you participated in such as competitions, volunteer or community work
  • Skills – mention all the skills here, you can also make subheadings depending on the skills you possess such as soft skills, digital skills, tech skills, data analysis skills, leadership skills, et cetera
  • Achievements and Awards – if you have won a competition, received an award or trophy, or gotten a scholarship mention it in this section. Anything that you think is your achievement should be described here

What are some basics for writing a good college resume?

  • Keywords – use keywords to highlight your abilities
  • Formatting – it should be well-formatted
  • Font style, font size, margins, headings, and line spacing – should be the same
  • Style – pick a template that is easy to read
  • Use bullet points and keep the sentences short
  • Length – it should not be more than 2 pages

Helpful Video Tutorial and Tips to Design a Job-Winning Resume

How to Design Professional Resume Format for Freshers in ms word


Creative Resume Design in MS Word in just 10 Minutes! | DIY Tutorial

how to create professional resume in ms word

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